Golf Quartz comes as a suite of seamlessly integrated apps for golfers to keep score, get GPS distances on the course, and analyze the swing while practicing (Apple Watch); to review and manage games & golfing data (iPhone); and to create and publish course maps with a full-fledged editor (Mac, cloud).

Engineered as a native Apple Watch application, Golf Quartz offers a cutting-edge, modern interface that makes it a must-have for any golfer looking to elevate their game. More than just an app, it's a comprehensive platform that transforms the way you interact with the sport of golf.

You can read more about the origins of Golf Quartz and its technical details in this blogpost and you can find additional tutorials and demos in this YouTube playlist.

Built for Apple Watch

Apple Watch is the gateway for players on the course. Crafted as a native, watch-first platform, Golf Quartz empowers players to handle a multitude of game and practice tasks with ease. It supports multiplayer scorekeeping for up to four players, provides real-time distance and direction to greens and hazards, and allows for detailed per-hole stat entry. Additionally, while practicing, players can delve deep into their swing analysis with precise motion metrics, all from their wrist. The interface is sleek, intuitive, and fully customizable, allowing players to concentrate fully on their game without distraction.

Main features of the app on Apple Watch & iPhone.

Golf Quartz leverages the latest in watchOS technology, including advanced user interface designs, high-speed sensors, haptic alerts, and voice feedback, ensuring a seamless and enriching golfing experience. It integrates flawlessly with the broader Apple ecosystem, utilizing Health, AI/CoreML for ongoing swing analysis, high-accuracy double-frequency GPS, and Live Activities. The accompanying iPhone app serves as a central hub to collate, organize, and review all data gathered from the watch during gameplay and practice, offering comprehensive statistics and insights to enhance player performance.

GPS distances & scorecards

When paired with a course map, Golf Quartz offers precise distances to the green (boundaries or colored flags), bunker, and water hazards, as well as directional guidance to the tee target using the watch’s built-in magnetometer. As you play, it lets you record each shot’s position and distance, allowing you to review your tee distances for each hole later on your iPhone.

The iPhone app lets you manage and review past game scorecards, export them as PDFs for sharing, and “replay” games by navigating through each shot on the map. It also captures detailed statistics like hit fairways, greens in regulation, and number of putts, making it easier to track and enhance your golfing performance.

Swing analysis for effective training

During practice sessions at the driving range, Golf Quartz performs an in-depth swing analysis for each stroke to enhance your understanding of your swing mechanics.
It measures backswing and downswing durations, maximum speeds, and transition times—such as a hurried 50ms transition—to pinpoint areas of inconsistency. It also assesses rotation amplitude to help you achieve that extra 10-20° of rotation you’re aiming for, while the tempo feature provides insights into your swing rhythm. This detailed analysis of body motion complements external launch radars like Trackman®, which measure the effects of your swing, such as clubhead and ball speed.

All these detailed metrics are conveniently displayed on your Apple Watch, turning your iPhone into a live dashboard for comprehensive analysis. If you’re focusing on improving a specific metric, your watch can audibly announce it or send it to your earbuds, allowing you to maintain focus without needing to look at the display. Accurate measurements are ensured by the high-speed sensors in the Apple Watch Series 8/Ultra or later, with compatibility options for earlier models.

Technology packed + Apple OS integration

Golf Quartz utilizes high-speed gyroscopes and accelerometers to conduct motion-related analyses, with magnetometer integration providing real-time directional guidance like a compass towards the green, tee target, and next tee—an essential feature for navigating unfamiliar courses. The application leverages artificial intelligence (AI) with CoreML on the Apple Watch to continuously detect swings and putts, enhancing the precision of its counting, alert, and analysis systems.

Listing of main technologies used in Golf Quartz.

Integration with the Apple Health app ensures that all your sports-related data is centralized, easily accessible, and well-maintained. Metrics such as calories burned, heart rate, and distance walked are all tracked. Additional Apple technologies leveraged by Golf Quartz include Live Activities on iPhone for real-time updates, double-frequency GPS for enhanced positional accuracy, and App Clip + NFC tag/QR codes for quick course discovery. The app also uses text-to-speech technology to provide audible feedback during games and practice sessions.

Collaborative course database

Entrusting a decentralized mapping to those who truly know their course just makes sense. Golf Quartz enables players to map golf courses themselves using the free Mac app, Golf Quartz Mapper. Players can tailor these maps to their specific needs, including driving distance and aiming direction, and then use them directly on their watches.

Golf clubs can utilize this collaborative mapping database to instantly distribute their own course maps to all players. These maps can incorporate the latest course changes and adapt to weather or seasonal conditions like winter greens or construction areas. By mapping courses themselves, clubs can:

  • Quickly update and distribute changes to the course and its conditions,
  • Manage the mapping experience provided to members and visitors,
  • Chart practice and new courses that are often neglected in standard databases,
  • Enable visitors to explore the course by scanning an NFC tag or QR code.
Listing of main technologies used in Golf Quartz.

As a player, if your course is not yet mapped, you can create a map yourself using a Mac. The process takes about 30 minutes, and publishing your map could help your golfing mates and hundreds of other players. Additionally, inform your golf club about your mapping; they might be interested in adopting and maintaining it. Review these videos on how to map a golf course using Golf Quartz Mapper (Mac):

Pricing model

Golf Quartz for iPhone and Apple Watch is available as a free download on the App Store, allowing players to test its features on 9-hole courses and access duration-limited swing analyses during practice sessions. Full access to both apps can be unlocked with the Pro Pack, a one-time in-app purchase on iPhone. To celebrate our launch, we’re offering a time-limited 30% discount, pricing the Pro Pack at €/$19.99 instead of the regular €/$29.99.

Free app
Pro Pack
Score keeping / Scorecard 9 holes
GPS Distance / Direction 9 holes
Game Replay 9 holes
Game Stats Recording 9 holes
Swing Analysis 10 minutes
Health Recording
Data Import / Export

Golf Quartz Mapper for Mac is entirely free and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.

Open data formats and evolutions

Golf Quartz was designed with open formats for game data, scorecards, and course maps, which will be available on Github later in 2024. This approach ensures that your data remains yours indefinitely; our business model is focused on providing value, not on retaining data or compromising your privacy. Data export functionality is built right into the app for easy access.

As a digital golfing platform, Golf Quartz opens the door to a myriad of new possibilities around the game experience. Let’s explore these opportunities together.

A sincere thank you to the Royal Golf Club of Hainaut (RGCH) and the SHAPE Golf Association (SGA) and their community for their support.