About us.

Our company was founded in 2008, and is located in Mons (BE), on the line that joins Paris and Brussels together.

Here at Creaceed, we're a small team of three people, and we are passionate about app development. We focus on making a few great apps that solve specific problems in elegant ways. We like to make our own technology but at the same time keep that complexity away from users and focus on the experience.

Many people ask us, what does that mean, “Creaceed” ? Well, it's the result of some thinking ;-). “Crea-“ stands for creativity, as we want to make apps for creative people. “-ceed” like ex-ceed, suc-ceed, comes from Latin “cedere”, meaning “to give way for” or “to go”. That also inspires the ‘seed’-like logo.

Raphaël Sebbe

Senior Designer & Developer, Founder

After pursuing medical imaging research, Raphael started creating apps that make use of image processing. He likes to turn technology into beautiful, enjoyable, designed-with-care pieces that people will want to use. Raphael has been a Cocoa developer since the late 90's and now has turned into a Swift & AI/ML enthusiast.

Benoît Bourdon

Senior Designer & Developer

Joined forces at Creaceed in January 2012 after a successful collaboration making the very first version of Prizmo for iPhone. Benoît started development in his early teens as a hobby. Design is another major interest of his. In fact, Benoît is a natural designer kind of guy. He is always investing the time and energy needed to find the best solutions.

Bunuël Cubo Soto

Senior Designer & Developer

First long-term intern as iOS developer at Creaceed, he won a scholarship to Apple's WWDC in June 2013 and officially joined the team in September 2013. Tech lover, domotics fan, Bunuel has an eye for details, which makes him an extremely proficient member of the team.

Creaceed Alumni.

Tessa Cino: communication & support (2017-2021)
Baptiste Piron: intern (2018)
Nathan Hubens: intern (2017)
Hélène Colmant: communication & support (2016-2017)
Sandrine Loiseau: co-founded the company (2008-2016). She's now with flagrantdelice.be
Valentin Lecomte: intern (2015)
Massimo Tuzzolino: intern (2014)
Ambroise Moreau: intern (2013)
Sandrine Debray: intern (2010)

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