Since the first leaked pictures of Apple’s special new iPhone, it has all the internet’s population on edge.

It is indeed quite a change in design compared to the older models, which remained more or less the same in appearance since the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007.

Opting for an edge-to-edge device is becoming more and more the norm lately. It oozes indeed a sense of clarity as well as fluidity unmatched by classic smartphones, and that appeals to the public.

However, what mostly puzzled Apple aficionados at first was this clearly visible notch at the top of the screen. What was it for? And most importantly, why had the Cupertino-based company decided to disconnect itself from their previous seamless design that has been Apple’s iconic feature since the early years?

Answers to our multiple questions finally came during Apple’s mid-September keynote that took place in the brand-new Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple Park. The notch consists thus of advanced technologies that enable the use of the newly introduced Face ID.

More than a month later, the iPhone X with its very controversial notch still hits the headlines of every Apple news website. Several developers have therefore already started adapting their apps for the much awaited device.

We make no exception.

Discover here the new versions of our apps specifically upgraded for the iPhone X. And on day one, by the way. Wow!

Carbo — Notes & Sketches

After being recently optimized for iOS 11 as well as having the new Drag & Drop feature on iPad, Carbo has now been updated for the iPhone X’s iconic design. Your notes and sketches will appear more clearly than ever before. The iPhone X becomes the note, the note is the iPhone ?.

Emulsio — Video Stabilizer

Emulsio has also embraced the notch, which means that this one won’t hinder you from stabilizing & previewing your videos in landscape. The whole iPhone becomes the video. Already did this one ? ?

Prizmo Go — Instant Text OCR

Prizmo Go has also been customized to fit the needs of iPhone X owners. The user interface perfectly adapts itself to the edgeless screen, which gives you a better look of your recognized text. Notes, videos, texts. Notes, videos, texts. Are you getting it ?

Hydra — Amazing Photography

Hydra is the last (but not least) of our iOS apps to have been upgraded to perfectly fit the screen of the iPhone X in order to give you the greatest photographic experience. OK, time to stop with the jokes, for now…

These upgrades are free of charge for all existing users, so do not hesitate to grab them for your shiny iPhone X.

And feedback is more than welcome! iPhone X owners: please let us know what you think, each of our apps have their own Twitter account (@carboapp, @emulsioapp, @prizmo, @hydraapp)!