Busy summer! We just finished our second 12★apps promotion of the year (Back2School) and now iOS 11 is just around the corner. What a pace! Before that, WWDC’17 had revealed some great new stuff on the platform that sparked our interest.

From the beginning, we reflected on how we could (and would) include Drag & Drop in our apps in a way that would make most sense. Our apps are mostly productivity apps or do enable imports or exports of some forms, and as such, are good candidates for drag & drop.

Once used to the new APIs, we booked serious progress in just a few weeks. We knew then that it was just a matter of months before we would be able to launch these updates. And here we are ?

Note that dragging across apps is only available on iPad, as offered by iOS at this time. However, dragging within the app is fully supported on iPhone.

Let’s see what has changed, shall we?


Our note-capturing/drawing app which uses a unique pixel-free technology to preserve all the expressiveness of hand-drawn sketches now goes even further.

With its new support of Drag & Drop, Carbo allows you, with just the flip of a finger, to move notes to different notebooks and tag them. On iPad, where cross-app dragging is possible, Carbo even enables to export them to other apps, be it from the home view (multi-drag supported) or the colored variant one, as well as import images (single image) from different locations.

Carbo (1.5) — Drag & Drop Feature

Moreover, we have updated the app’s support of the Apple Pencil. This one brings more reactivity and accuracy, which greatly improves your note-taking experience. Improvements and fixes have also been made to the shapes generated by Apple Pencil.

All in all, it is a very visual and useful addition to the core features.

Check out our app here.

Prizmo Go

Our little newcomer did not escape this update either! Capturing text and recognising it are now made even easier thanks to the following new features. They include the import of images for processing and the export of recognized text to another app by dragging highlighted text directly from the picture, with this last feature being more impressive than we initially thought. Indeed, it does feel very natural and intuitive to select a few lines of text directly on the snapped picture, and then to directly drag and drop those to another app. We just love it.

This update also includes the Greek localization of Prizmo Go. Bear in mind though that Greek is only available if Cloud OCR is activated.

Prizmo Go (1.1) — Drag & Drop Feature

Go try it here!


Last but not least, our video stabilization app has also been updated with brand-new features related to iOS 11. This includes the import of compatible videos by Drag & Drop directly from the Files app (or any other app that supports dragging) as well as the import and export of HEVC, which is the new video format introduced in iOS 11 that enables more efficient storage. This makes it easier than ever to stabilize videos taken from third-party cameras (like GoPro or drone) directly on your iPad.

Emulsio (2.6) — Drag & Drop Feature

Try it out here!

These upgrades are free of charge for all existing users, so go grab them before we change our minds ?.

All things considered, we managed to book quite some progress these past months and we surely are not stopping there! We have quite some ideas up our sleeve so, stay tuned!