We brought developers from all over Europe together under the starry label “12★apps” with a dedicated website to promote their apps.

Why did we start this project?

Europe is a great place to live and work, it has a great diversity which is a rich experience. But that sometimes makes it more difficult market-wise to promote products. Indeed, language and cultural barriers make it so that we can’t easily feature apps beyond our own borders.

Moreover, if we think about it, many creative and amazing apps that we all know are actually developed by skilled developers from all over Europe. We saw that as an opportunity to jointly enhance each other’s visibility. Haven’t heard Tim Cook himself saying that “Europe has some of the most creative developers in the world […]”? We had to build on that :-)

This is a collaborative project, we insist on that. This means that participating developers do share their local channels to help each other out. This is an important aspect of the project. About the naming: we wanted to focus on the European identity, and that’s why we picked 12✭apps, like the 12 stars of the European flag.

We contacted several award-winning developers across Europe and they accepted to give it a try. That made it possible to propose the following apps at great prices:

How did it go?

Most developers that we contacted were truly enthusiastic about this initiative. We received lots of positive feedback and ideas for future promotions. We can’t tell about other developer results, but our own sale units peaked at 5x the usual value, which is not too bad for a first time :-)

We enjoyed the whole process very much, it was really captivating and great opportunity to share something with our pals. We hope to launch a new offer in the first semester 2017 around another theme, so stay tuned! And in the case you want to suggest apps, please let us know at info@12starapps.eu. And meanwhile, you can sign up to be notified of the next promotion on 12starapps.eu

More info: @12starapps

And if you are a European developer working on award-winning apps and want to take part in the next bundle: then reach out at info@12starapps.eu and let’s have a chat.