Hydra 4, a major update to our HDR app for the Mac, has been released in August earlier this year with a brand new interface and processing architecture, which is now built on top of Metal.

Have you heard of it? Do you know what HDR is?

As a reminder, High Dynamic Range (or HDR) photography combines different exposures of the same scene to create a stunning final image, which is called an HDR image.
Concretely you have to take a series of photographs (typically 3 or more) with different exposure settings to correctly expose every region of the scene. You can use a DSLR camera or a traditional point-and-shoot camera. Import these pictures into Hydra and let Hydra mix them.

The merged image must then be “tone-mapped” to make it so that it can be displayed on a computer screen which has a narrower dynamic range. This is a creative process where you can tune many aspects of the final output.

But there’s nothing better than a helpful video to understand all of this!

From now on you can find “Tips & Tricks” videos for Hydra 4 directly on our website or on our Vimeo channel.

Those videos deal with several core features, such as Image Alignment and Ghost Removal.
Indeed, because multiple photos are merged, input pictures typically need alignment to compensate for camera motion if no tripod is used. Also, a common issue with HDR images rendered from several exposure is that some subjects can move across shots, which result in “ghosting artifacts”. You can control and finetune all these aspects easily in Hydra 4, and you’ll find out how simple it is through our videos.
Finally using several exposure shots for rendering an HDR image requires you to understand which zones can be used from each shot, that is to say zones where Hydra can find details that are useful for the output. In this specific video, we are dealing with several options such as Flash Extremes, Tone Mapping and Snapshots.

Do you need more Tips & Tricks in order to be an expert of Hydra 4? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

More information about Hydra 4: creaceed.com/hydra