Carbo’s purpose is to store handwritten notes made on real paper with a real pen in a way that preserves all their accuracy and expressiveness, and bring them along in the digital era.

Carbo uses advanced scanning and rendering technology to achieve that goal, and it’s doing great with these accurate cameras & retina displays. Carbo’s motto is that you never see pixels again. Because fingers and pens at the time did not allow very precise input, we did not include drawing capability in Carbo 1.0. It would have been a gimmick when compared to the real thing.

But times are changing. Apple is releasing the iPad Pro & Apple Pencil, which provide very accurate input in terms of sampling rate, resolution, pressure sensitivity & much more. It’s a really great piece of hardware, possibly a game changer in the field of note taking directly on device. With that in place, we thought it was a good time to add drawing capabilities to Carbo.

Carbo 1.2 now lets you draw directly to notes, either through creating new ones or by editing existing ones. We spent a lot of effort tuning Carbo’s pen tool to offer input that would react to velocity and pressure, but also tilt angle and more, effectively providing a natural drawing experience.

If you draw fast, the stroke will get thinner. If you apply some pressure or tilt the pen, the stroke gets thicker. If you begin or end the stroke with sufficient speed, you’ll get sharp ends instead of rounded ones. The eraser tool is also getting an update: if you erase with rapid motion, the eraser head will grow.

We are also making these drawing capabilities available even if you don’t have an Apple Pencil, in which case only available features will trigger: iPhone 6s / 6s Plus get pressure sensitivity which influences stroke thickness, while other devices will still get the velocity-based variable thickness, which still permits pretty natural input.

Because Carbo still has that hybrid vector/bitmap rendering feature, you’ll also get that gorgeous pixel-free notes when drawing directly in the app to feed your retina displays with sharp contents at any zoom level (yeah, iPad Pro too…).

It’s a great update, go get it when you can! We sure hope you’ll like it.