Image Inputs

Supports built-in device rear camera for shooting at max. device resolution. Image can be imported from Photo Album, iOS Document Folder, or Clipboard.

Content Interaction

Detection of data types in recognized text: emails, phone numbers, URLs, addresses, dates. Actions can be triggered by tapping or 3D Touching1.

Optimized for iOS

Supports the latest iOS enhancements such as Action Extension, iPad Multitasking, Universal Clipboard, or iOS Document Manager.

Innovative Stabilization

Continuous sharpness monitoring is performed when stabilization is enabled to pick the sharpest image and improve OCR results.

Core ML

Structural analysis is performed with machine learning / Core ML, enabling features like content-based orientation determination in a fraction of a second (Apple Neural Engine).

Text Reader

Text-to-speech reading of recognized text. Any installed iOS Voices can be used. Highlighting of words as they are spoken. Adjustable speaking rate.

Universal Clipboard

Copy/paste works across devices with Universal Clipboard (compatible devices only). You can scan text with the iPhone, and copy/paste it to your Mac or iPad1.

Camera Flash

Flash can be enabled if needed during capture to enhance text recognition.

Text Translation

Cloud-based automatic text translation in 59 languages.


Full VoiceOver support, with audio labels & hints. Image Orientation is automatically detected in accessibility workflow.

Advanced Preprocessing

Specific image preprocessing is performed, such as image cleanup, perspective correction, and dynamic rescale.

3D Touch & Haptic Feedback

3D Touch can be used to trigger Quick Actions. Subtle haptic feedback is given while moving across words on compatible devices (iPhone 7 or later).

Spoken Guidance

Specific eye-shaped button to shoot and to obtain information (angle, text coverage,…) from the scene while in VoiceOver mode.

On-device OCR

Optical character recognition that can operate in 28 languages and without internet connection.


Recognized text can be copied and pasted to other apps or to the Mac (a Mac compatible with Universal Clipboard is required)1.

Dynamic Type

Text appearance (size) can be customized with Dynamic Type, which can be accessed in your device's settings.

Cloud OCR

Highly accurate OCR that requires an internet connection and that operates in 139 languages2 + handwriting in 9 languages.

QR Code Handling

Handling of QR codes can be activated in application settings. They appear live in the camera overlay, & their transcription is available after image is processed.

Text Highlighting During Capture

Text is highlighted in real time during capture to provide a visual cue about text detection.

Swipe to Select Text

Word-level selection by swiping. Selected text is highlighted in the image, while unselected text is underlined. Selected text is transcribed in the bottom part.

Action Extension & Open in…

An action extension is provided to allow the sending of an image from any other app, including Apple Photos. 'Open In…' is also possible for image types.

1. Requires purchase of Essential Pack or Pro Plan subscription.
2. Requires the Pro Plan subscription.