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Prizmo Go Smarter OCR with the iPhone’s Camera

April 27th 2017
By Federico Viticci

in English

Prizmo Go is the perfect example of how an app category can be reinvented with fresh approaches and modern tech.


iOS and iPadOS 13 App Roundup: Multiwindow, Dark Mode, Shortcuts, and More

October 9th 2019
By John Voorhees

in English

Whether it’s text from an app that isn’t selectable or a book or magazine you come across with information you want to share with someone, having access to the underlying text makes Prizmo Go a valuable tool to have on your iPhone.

Using Prizmo Go In a Long-Term Research Workflow

October 23rd 2019
By Josh Ginter

in English

Prizmo Go does a fantastic job of recognizing text, specifically now with new machine learning features where the app better understands the gutter of a physical book.


Prizmo Go: Version 3 mit Dark Mode und Shortcuts ab sofort im App Store erhältlich

October 9th 2019
By Mel

in German

Besonders spannend ist eine bestimmte Neuerung: Prizmo Go 3.0 bietet ab sofort einen Support für geschwungenen Text – beispielsweise aus Magazinen, die nicht ganz plan aufgelegt werden können.

Prizmo Go - App testing

January 7th 2019
By Orientatech

in English

Prizmo Go is a simple, useful and usable application with numerous functionalities around the identification of texts.

Prizmo Go - Scan teksten en laat je iPad voorlezen

July 7th 2019
By Meerster Sander

in Dutch

Het is de app voor onderweg om snel een tekst te laten voorlezen en zo kunnen kinderen zo teksten lezen.

Prizmo Go - Get text from a piece of paper into your iPhone

September 11th 2018
By Bridging Apps

in English

By far this app is hands-down the most culturally inclusive app for individuals with visual deficits AND typical vision.

Prizmo Go - Get text from a piece of paper into your iPhone

March 6th 2018
By iPhone J.D.

in English

If you ever need to take some words on paper and then get them into your iPhone or iPad, Prizmo Go has you covered.

Prizmo Go

November 28th 2017
By Neil Squire Society

in English

This is a great tool for someone needing instructions read aloud in either the workplace or classroom.

Prizmo Go, l’OCR différent

Mai 1st 2017
By François Cuneo

in French

Le résultat, comme je l’ai écrit plus haut, est tout à fait bluffant si l’on utilise l’OCR à distance.

Prizmo Go, l’OCR au bout du doigt sur iOS

April 27th 2017
By Arnaud

in French

Elle en a sous le capot: Le moteur de reconnaissance locale est très rapide ; l’application possède une fonction de stabilisation de l’image, qui se charge d’assurer la netteté du texte

Prise en main de Prizmo GO et son OCR dans le nuage

April 27th 2017
By Florian Innocente

in French

Le nombre de langues comprises passe alors de 10 à 22 et surtout, la reconnaissance est nettement meilleure et pas plus lente dans le traitement.