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Quick Setup

No complex network configuration thanks to peer-to-peer connectivity. Starting a group will automagically pop a prompt on nearby devices.

Gorgeous Visualization

Pixel-free drawing display that stays sharp when zooming (same technology as in Carbo). Specific support for vibrant colors on compatible displays (P3).

Optimized for latest iOS

file sharing, Split View Multitasking on iPad, Drag & Drop, Today Widget, Quick Actions, Siri Shortcuts, SF Symbols, Dark Mode.

Powerful Export/Sharing

High-res PDF, images or native archive export for future reuse. Inko drawings can be saved as files or exported to the available sharing services.

Expressive Drawing Tools

Pen tool with two sizes and one calligraphic variant. Lasso tool to select, move and rescale. Ephemeral highlighter to draw others’ attention1.

Engaging Live Experience

Lag-free multi-user real-time drawing. Drawing trails appear as they are being made by users with name tags.

Cloud Storage

Personal drawings can be stored either locally on your device, or in iCloud.

Apple Pencil

Extensive support for Apple Pencil with pressure and angle sensing, as well as high-speed predictive sampling.

Configurable Canvas Formats

Portrait and landscape formats, as well as 4:3 or 16:9 aspects are available to best suit device sizes (TV, iPad, iPhones).

Security & Privacy

Secure TLS connection between devices (nearby) and use of end-to-end encryption (remote).

Customizable Toolbar

Toolbar bar can be relocated to handle both left- and right-handed users & various drawing habits.

Compatibility with Carbo

Handwritten note import from Carbo into Inko that serves as a starting point to collaborate.

Metal Rendering

High-performance Metal rendering for Mac Catalyst.

Robust Data Syncing

Automatic syncing of drawing contents across participants. Support of per user undo/redo when collaborating.

Apple TV

Drawings can be viewed on the big screen through Inko’s free companion app. Interact using the remote like a laser pointer.

Unlimited Canvases

Unlimited number of personal or group canvases to draw on.

Group Saving

Group saving of participants list for quick startup of new collaborative sessions. Known users (in saved group) can join without requiring organizer acceptance.

Universal Subcription

Nearby & Remote Plans both unlock collaboration on all devices (iPhone, iPad & Mac).

Nomadic Collaboration

Nomadic peer-to-peer connectivity for local devices, even without Wi-Fi access point.

Remote Collaboration

Seamless connectivity over the Internet for global reach, use of a universal link for group invitation.

Inko on Mac

View, interact or create a drawing group from the Mac with the Inko Mac Catalyst app.

No account creation

Easily and quickly create a drawing group and invite participants without a fuss.

1. Also available on Apple TV using the remote.