Prizmo Go 4 Introduces multilingual handwriting recognition, an iOS 16 lock screen widget, and more

Mons, Belgium - November 15th 2022. Creaceed announces the immediate availability of Prizmo Go version 4.0, a major upgrade to their photo-based text grabbing app for iPhone and iPad. Prizmo Go 4.0 brings new and advanced support for handwriting recognition in multiple languages, improved OCR, improved AI-based translation, iOS 16 lock screen widget, and more.

Prizmo Go is an innovative app that lets the user take a picture of printed or handwritten text and then recognizes it using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, avoiding the frustration of retyping it on screen. Part of said text can then be selected directly from the photo by swiping through it. Users can then interact with it or just copy/paste it to other apps or to the Mac.

Recognized text can be edited within the application, or read aloud with built-in speech synthesis. Information detected in the text such as website URLs, phone numbers, email addresses, QR codes, or physical addresses can be specifically activated. Text translation into 59 languages is also available.

Prizmo Go 4 is a major upgrade that brings many improvements to the text recognition capabilities such as extremely accurate handwriting recognition in 9 languages including English, German, and French, as well as increased accuracy & layout understanding to "printed" text recognition in 139 languages. Specific focus was brought to overcome the limitations of the built-in Live Text feature of iPhone in terms of accuracy, handwriting recognition, and language support (139 vs 8).

Prizmo Go 4 also adds a number of new features and optimizations for iOS 16. A new lock screen widget is offered for quick text capture from a locked iPhone. Detected data like phone numbers, addresses, and URLs can now be directly triggered from the image through new specific icons. Prizmo Go's AI-based text translation now features human-level accuracy.

New features in 4.0:

  • Cloud OCR option in 139 languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Arabic.
  • Handwriting recognition (Cloud OCR) in 9 languages including English, German, and French.
  • More accurate text layout understanding (all OCRs).
  • Immediate interaction by tapping for detected information (phone numbers, addresses, etc.).
  • Improved AI-based text translation into 59 languages.
  • Lock Screen widget (iOS16) for quick text capture from the lock screen.

Other features include:

  • Robust neural network-based on-device OCR in 28 languages (no internet connection required) + Apple OCR (8 * nguages)
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Curved text recognition
  • Dark Mode & user interface update (SF Symbols)
  • Shortcuts action for automation.
  • Orientation detection with machine learning / Core ML (Latin alphabet languages)
  • Voice Control accessibility feature to allow hands-free interaction
  • Real-time text highlighting in the camera viewfinder
  • Accurate text selection by swiping through the picture.
  • Innovative image stabilization
  • QR code recognition
  • Copy/paste to the Mac with Universal Clipboard
  • VoiceOver support, including spoken guidance prior to actual shooting
  • Optimized for latest iOS, Drag & Drop, 3D Touch Quick Actions & haptic feedback, iPad Multitasking (Slide * er / Split View)
  • Automation: Action extension, Apple Shortcuts compatibility (callback URL), Open In.

Pricing and Availability

Prizmo Go 4.0 can be freely downloaded on the App Store, and is localized in 15 languages. Text recognition can be tried out, but access to the result is limited.

Text access (copy/paste, interactions) for on-device OCR can be unlocked by purchasing the Essential Pack for $11.99 / 14.99€ as a one-time purchase. In addition to this pack, 2 subscription plans are now proposed:

  • Standard Plan @ $0.99 / 0.99€ per month: a subscription that provides access to the Cloud OCR (with up to 50 scans/day quota)
  • Pro Plan @ $1.99 / 1.99€ per month: a subscription that provides access to the Cloud OCR (without quota) and AI-based translation.Reduced annual pricing for subscription plans are offered within the app.

Existing customers keep their previous purchase conditions and advantages.

Prizmo Go (Volume Ed.), a separate app for schools and enterprises, can be purchased directly from Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) store with a 50% discount. Prizmo Go (Volume Ed.) has all the same feature set as Prizmo Go with the Essential Pack.


Creaceed is a European company that has been making apps for over 10 years, focusing on image processing & AI technologies in the fields of document scanning & vision aid, note taking, photo and video processing. Apps like Hydra, Carbo, and Prizmo have been awarded by the press and featured by Apple on multiple occasions. Copyright 2008-2022 Creaceed. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh, iOS, macOS, iPhone, iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.



Raphael Sebbe