Creaceed releases First French Speech Recognition for iPhone

Mons, Belgium - Creaceed is glad to announce that Vocalia is the very first speech recognition application supporting French on the iPhone. French is the first new language supported by Vocalia, and Creaceed plans to add other languages in the future. Relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbours, or even restaurants... They all are in our address books. Vocalia helps you find quickly and easily the person or company you want to call or send an email to.

What are Vocalia's key features?

  • Is a voice dialing application supporting large address books (up to 5,000 contacts)
  • Supports English and French at this time
  • Runs entirely on the iPhone, without network connection
  • Doesn't send private information to some unknown and far away servers
  • Provides default working phonemic transcriptions for all contacts (no additional work required to record contacts)
  • Dispays phonetization progress, now user stoppable, with incremental saving
  • No "Tap to speak"
  • Displays visual effects responding to sound and gravity (a.k.a "Vocalia's Eye").

With Vocalia, it is possible to ...

  • Define additional vocal shortcuts ("My best friend") in addition to the name ("John Doe")
  • Split first and last name (saying "John" will display all corresponding entries of the address book)
  • Select the number of speech recognition results shown (from 1 up to 10 names)
  • Limit the extent to the speech recognition to groups
  • Ask the iPhone to vibrate when ready
  • Shake the iPhone to try again.

Minimum Requirements

  • iPhone with Firmware 2.1.

Pricing & Availability

Vocalia is now available in French and English in the whole world on iTunes's App Store. We apply a special pricing of USD 3.99 (EUR 2.99) until 24th November to celebrate this world event. Afterwards, Vocalia will cost USD 7.99 (EUR 5.99).


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Raphael Sebbe