October 31st 2012

Prizmo 2 for Mac Released!

We are glad to announce that Prizmo 2 for Mac is now available through our website, and on the Mac App Store.

What's New?

There are so many new features that we can only name a few here:
  • Specific processing for text documents, business cards and images
  • Support for multipage documents
  • Support for screenshots through an automatic resolution increase
  • 30 new OCR languages
  • Automatic page frame detection
  • Text editing and correction
  • Recognized texts can be read using text-to-speech technology
  • Translation of the recognized text into 23 languages
  • Pro Pack: batch processing, Automator action and custom scripts
  • iCloud support...
Discover Prizmo 2 for Mac now, and download the free trial version!

Pricing and Requirements

Prizmo 2 costs $49.99, and Prizmo 2 incl. the Pro Pack $99.99 (i.e. respectively around 50€ and 100€ including VAT).
Prizmo 2 requires OS X 10.7.5 Lion or later.

Upgrade Offer

  • You purchased Prizmo 1 through Creaceed's website
    You are entitled to upgrade to Prizmo 2 (or Prizmo 2 incl. the Pro Pack) at 50% off. Paste your activation code for Prizmo 1 in the Coupon code field in our store.
    This offer is not time limited, and is also valid for users who purchased a copy of Prizmo through other websites (like MacUpdate or MacZot).

  • You purchased Prizmo 1 on the Mac App Store
    Prizmo 2 is available on the Mac App Store as a new application. It is priced at 50% off for the first 2 weeks. So, Prizmo 1 users who prefer to upgrade to the Mac App Store, have the opportunity to take advantage of the upgrade price.
    Afterwards, Mac App Store users will be able to purchase a copy of Prizmo 2 at the upgrade price through Creaceed's website only (without time limit). Please send the iTunes receipt showing your purchase of Prizmo 1 to the support team, and you'll receive a discount code.

Official Prizmo 2 Trailer with Main Features Overview

September 19th 2012

Creaceed Hits a Milestone: 250,000 App Store Users

When Vocalia was released in September 2008 (a few weeks after the official launch of the App Store), Creaceed was the 1st Belgian company, and one of the 1st European companies, on the App Store. Later came our other iOS applications, Prizmo, Kuboku and Movie Stiller.

Today, we are celebrating the milestone of 250,000 App Store users with a nice deal. Prizmo for iPhone, the All-in-One Mobile Scanning and OCR Solution, is at 50% off for a few days. $4.99 or 3,99€ is a bargain for an application including so many features.

By the way, it's the right time for purchasing your copy of Prizmo for iPhone: the upgrade to version 2 will be FREE, and it will be BIG!


June 5th 2012

Happy 4th Anniversary, Creaceed!

This week, we celebrate Creaceed's 4th anniversary with a nice deal on Prizmo and Hydra. For a whole week, Hydra Express, Hydra Pro, Prizmo and Prizmo for iPhone are at 50% off through the App Store only.

Grab your copy while the promo lasts!


May 23rd 2012

Creaceed Launches New Website

We've built a new website based on HTML5/CSS3 technologies. Web technologies evolved a lot in the past 2 years or so, and we wanted to reflect these improvements on our website.

It's basically a single interactive webpage, with multilingual information, that allows easy and intuitive access to our contents. We tried to build it using the same approach as an application, so that it's easy to maintain and update. And at the same time, we wanted to improve the overall experience, fluidity for people going through it.

We hope you'll appreciate our brand new website. Feel free to let us know what you think!


January 9th 2012

Creaceed Releases 2 Open Source Libraries

We are glad to announce that we released 2 open source libraries under BSD license on GitHub:
  • CeedGL for working more easily with OpenGL from Objective-C.
  • CeedMath for doing computer graphics math on Mac and iPhone.
We hope these libraries will be useful to the developer community. Feel free to contribute, send feedback, and use them in your projects.



October 6th 2011

Creaceed is back to the Mac: Hydra 3 now available!

We worked really hard on improving our HDR application Hydra. We wish you to enjoy HDR photography even more now, could it be artistic or photorealistic.

What's New in Hydra 3?

  • Brand new tone mapper
  • 12 tone mapping presets available
  • Automatic or zone-based ghost removal
  • X-Ray-based alignment editing for accurate positioning
  • Scope based adjustments to target only bright or dark areas, red, green, or blue tones
  • Probe-based adjustments (Pro version only)
  • Batch processing (Pro version only)
  • More new features on this page.
Judge by yourself how good Hydra's HDR images actually are by trying the demo version (Hydra Express - Hydra Pro). There's neither use limit nor time limit to the demo versions. More information about both versions of Hydra here.

Mac App Store Introductory Pricing: 50% Off!

Hydra Express 3 and Hydra Pro 3 will retail for respectively $49.99 and $99.99, with an introductory price of respectively $24.99 and $49.99 for the first ten days after release (Mac App Store links: Hydra Express - Hydra Pro). So act quickly to get this special deal!

How to Upgrade?

All registered users will receive a detailed email explaining how to upgrade.
  • You purchased Hydra Express 2.x on the Mac App Store - the upgrade to Hydra Express 3.x is FREE!
    Open the App Store application, and Hydra Express 3 will be listed among the updates to be installed.

  • You purchased Hydra Pro 2.x before January 1, 2011 - the upgrade to Hydra Pro 3.x costs $29.99
    Users will get a coupon code by email. This code has to be used in Creaceed's store to get the upgrade price.

  • You purchased Hydra Pro 2.x as of January 1, 2011 - the upgrade to Hydra Pro 3.x is FREE!
    Users automatically received their new serial by email on October 6th, 2011. Please check your mailbox.



April 26th 2011

Creaceed's Fan Page on Facebook

Do you want to
  • be the first to know about Creaceed's latest news?
  • ask questions and send feedback to our developers?
  • share tricks with other users?
  • receive special offers, promo codes...?
Yes? Then, you should join our Facebook Fan Page right now! Go to Creaceed's page and click the Like button. The very first gift for joining the page is a 10% discount code you can use in our store on any Mac application.

See you soon on Facebook!


April 6th 2011

Movie Stiller now supports iPad 2

Next to iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4th generation, Movie Stiller now also supports iPad 2. It means you can stabilize videos recorded with all iOS devices featuring a camera. Click here to get more information about Movie Stiller.

Movie Stiller is a universal application available on the App Store for $2.99 or 2,39€.


August 7th 2008

Special discount for students and academics

Who can get the academic discount?

Any student, lecturer or teacher can get a 50% discount off the price of his/her whole Mac application order through our online store. Apple Distinguished Educators too can apply for the discount.

Is the discount limited?

There's no time limit to use the discount. However, the coupon code you will receive is strictly personal. Therefore, you can use it only once.

What if you buy several products?

Let's say today you want to buy Morph Age Regular 4.x and Elasty 2.x in a single order. You will get a coupon code giving you a 50% discount off the price of both products. A few months later, you intend to buy Hydra 2.x. You have to ask for a new coupon code for buying Hydra because your first coupon code is not valid anymore.

How to get the discount?

Follow carefully the instructions to get your discount.
    Step 1: Write to
    Step 2: Confirm your student or academic status. Either you use an email address with an academic extension like ".edu" or ".ac" to contact us, or you send a scan of your faculty/student ID card.
    Step 3: Wait for your personal coupon code. (We usually answer within 24 hours. Also check your Junk and Spam mailboxes.)
    Step 4: Go to our website to purchase. Copy and paste your coupon code in the field called "Coupon Code (Optional)" and click the button "Recalculate".

Be careful!

No partial refund will be processed either if you don't ask for the education discount before actually purchasing, or if you don't use the discount code which was sent to you.

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