Morph Age 5.1.4 - April 5th 2024

Modernization for latest OS & bug fixes

Morph Age 5.1.3 - October 28th 2022

Fixed an issue that could prevent the app from launching.

Morph Age 5.1.2 - October 20th 2022

  • Improved selection of curves, control points, and handles on Retina displays.
  • Morph Age now requires macOS 10.13 High Sierra or higher.

Morph Age 5.1.1 - Feburary 12th 2021

  • Fixed a bug where the toolbar items were not correctly placed on macOS Big Sur.

Morph Age 5.1 - December 7th 2020

This update brings full compatibility for macOS 11 Big Sur and support for Apple Silicon Macs.

  • Remodeled the app icon.
  • Modern style for the window toolbar.
  • Morph Age has been rebuilt to take advantage of Apple Silicon CPU & GPU capabilities, and to deliver optimal performance in image processing and more.
  • Face Detection feature is now based on machine learning for better results.
  • Added support for sandboxing for all versions.
  • Morph Age now requires macOS 10.12 Sierra or higher.

Morph Age 5.0.4 - July 13th 2020

  • Fixed navigation mini-map interaction problems in image editors on retina displays.

Morph Age 5.0.3 - June 11th 2020

  • Modernization for latest OS & bug fixes.

Morph Age 5.0.2 - February 12th 2020

  • Fixed a bug that would allow modifying the movie duration in the rendering sheet.

Morph Age 5.0.1 - January 24th 2020

  • Fixed a bug that caused the application to be in trial mode.

Morph Age 5.0 - January 21st 2020

Morph Age 5.0 introduces a modernized user interface with support for Dark Mode and Retina display.
  • New User Interface
    • Toolbar and timeline have been redesigned with a modern style.
    • User interface controls and content preview are now optimized for Retina displays.
  • Dark Mode
    • Support for Dark Mode (requires macOS 10.14 or later).
    • Added a user setting in Morph Age Preferences to allow forcing light or dark theme.
  • Other improvements
    • Improved document restoration at launch.
    • Fixed glitches in the timeline user interface.
    • Application is now notarized for better support on macOS Catalina.
    • Requires macOS 10.11 or later.

Morph Age 4.3.2 - March 26th 2019

  • Fixed a crash that could occur while encoding output video.

Morph Age 4.3.1 - February 12th 2019

  • Fixed erroneous licensing issue in rendered contents.
  • Minor appearance fixes.

Morph Age 4.3 - February 7th 2019

  • New features
    • Support for 4K video rendering. Morph Age can now produce professional video output at up to 4K resolution.
  • Enhancements
    • Cursor misbehavior: hand cursor does not show up anymore while editing curves.
    • Trackpad zooming gesture now effective when editing.

Morph Age 4.2.6 - July 27th 2018

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the channel's contextual menu from showing in the timeline.

Morph Age 4.2.5 - July 2nd 2018

  • Modernization
    • Morph Age now requires OS X Yosemite or higher.
    • Future proofed the internal rendering method.
    • Added support for the standard macOS photo library picker.
    • Updated the About panel and crash reporting.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a crash when opening the sample project “Hulk Wrap”.
    • Fixed an issue where rendering a movie as an image sequence could fail to create the images files.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when adding/replacing/removing an image from the inspector.

Morph Age 4.2.4 - March 30th 2017

  • Fixed a problem with empty document image being incorrectly rendered on Retina displays.
  • Fixed compatibility issue with OS X Mavericks (10.9).
  • Internal modernisation.

Morph Age 4.2.3 - October 26th 2016

  • Sierra compatibility: fixed timeline display issues, and incorrect inspector panel behavior.
  • Raised required OS X version to OS X 10.10

Morph Age 4.2.2 (website version only) - February 15th 2016

  • Fixed security vulnerability with auto-updating scheme (Sparkle).

Morph Age 4.2.1 - December 1st 2014

  • Fixed an issue with video exports on OS X 10.8
  • Raised required OS X version to OS X 10.8 (OS X 10.7 has unresolved issues with AVFoundation video exports)

Morph Age 4.2 - November 17th 2014

  • Compatibility with OS X Yosemite
  • Removed dependency to 32-bit QuickTime. All video encoding is done with modern AVFoundation APIs
  • Added support for Apple ProRes 4444 output format, including alpha channel, to better support post production workflows
  • Moved to 64-bit
  • Support for application sandboxing
  • API Modernisation. Removed Garbage Collection dependency.
Morph Age Pro discontinued in August 2014: Apple changed so many APIs related to video processing the last few years that we can't update Morph Age Pro anymore for latest OS X.

Morph Age 4.1.3 - July 12th 2012

  • Fixed bug: document frame rate is now correctly saved

Morph Age 4.1.2 - June 22nd 2012

  • Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion compatibility
  • Fixed image removal bug that would leave the app in unstable state
  • Fixed image rendering in software mode on Mountain Lion (image preview + movie rendering)
  • Code signed with Developer ID for improved security
  • Fixed a crash when rendering movies from large images

Morph Age 4.1.1 - August 26th 2011

  • Updated for Mac OS X Lion: fixed empty document opening
  • Added ESC key shortcut to exit fullscreen
  • Fixed erroneous reporting of frame count when rendering with "Back and forth"
  • Various minor bug fixes and enhancements

Morph Age 4.1 - March 12th 2011

  • Mac App Store version

Morph Age 4.0.7 - January 21st 2010

  • New English and German User Guides

Morph Age 4.0.6 - August 28th 2009

  • Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard compatibility

Morph Age 4.0.5 - May 11th 2009

  • Newer Sparkle Framework (auto update feature)
  • Newer iMediaBrowser Framework
  • Revised French and German Localizations

Morph Age 4.0.4 - December 24th 2008

  • German localization

Morph Age 4.0.3

  • Fixed Mac OS X 10.5.5 compatibility issue

Morph Age 4.0.2

  • Fixed movie import issue

Morph Age 4.0 — April 10th 2008

  • Documentation update
  • Revive software contexts
  • Added "copy movie into document" in save as command
  • Incorrect timebase names fix
  • Rendering of quicklook preview fix
  • Added time check / fix for bad keyframes
  • Show active editor (focus frame)
  • Add morphed keys in warp
  • iSight/QuickTime capture update
  • Add timeline double click to bring channels
  • Floating/fixed smart assist should work for times other than project timebase
  • Preview time multiplicator
  • Changing smart assist should update the view
  • Fixed "warp channel animated state saving"
  • Fixed time glitches when working with different timebases
  • Fixed timeline transitions translation bug
  • Fixed movie reference problem in saved documents
  • Fixed setFrom (time selection handling)

Morph Age 4.0 Beta — January 6th 2008

  • Proapp user experience
  • Removed scrollers
  • Add navigation frame and tracking area
  • Shift scroll zooms
  • Bounding box curve manipulation (no more rotate, scale tools)
  • Motion graph
  • Blend curve
  • Motion curve per layer (replace curve start/end time)
  • Presets (sigmoid, smooth accelerate...)
  • Curve active state + GUI
  • Warp channel paradigm update
  • Reviewed rendering pipeline
  • Timebases: times, rate, etc.
  • Fixed last image of sequence missing
  • Project rate change, fix time everywhere
  • Smart fit (c) (tab -> moves the selected curve to the transformation induced by the other curves) [or no tab at all...] + interactive magic fit
  • Shape tracking (like magnet probes)
  • New fan tessellation algorithm
  • Face creation tool
  • Face detection tool
  • New icon for PRO
  • More robust large image handling
  • Move around channels, delete channels
  • Showing texture size / resize mode
  • Review kf copying across stacks
  • Matte generation
  • Add image ROI selection
  • Performance tuning (removed refresh for still images in editor, cached -> no clear advantage)
  • User Experience
  • GUI Finish/Makeup
  • Split views limits
  • HUD for motion/blend curves
  • Fullscreen support update
  • Moving up/down images/stacks
  • Quick collapse of editors
  • Proportional box when changing output size
  • More keyboard Shortcuts
  • Add a current time alignment when manipulating timeline elements
  • Tab navigation in render movie limited time
  • Larger fields in the render movie dialog
  • Separate regular and pro versions (defines, icons, packages...)
  • Play in the toolbar
  • Default should be warp stack with Zero-timebase
  • Regular version should have all collapsed (optionally can disable that).
  • Add acknowledgments
  • Motion curve change should update preview
  • Bug loading movie documents
  • Fix quicklook preview (leo update, seems to work now, nothing done...)
  • Fixed undo/redo (timeline changes + broken stack/texture adding/removing)
  • Fixed import bug of old MA format
  • Fixed import of older movie project
  • Fixed playback bug
  • Fixed keyframe navigation bug
  • Fixed stack name bug
  • Fixed stack name import
  • Fixed resize timeline stack bug
  • Fixed finalize bug for CMMovieTexture
  • Fixed pasted curve bad stack count
  • Fixed render background color bug
  • Fixed refresh problem when changing reference state
  • Fixed no selection in Blend/Motion popup

Morph Age 3.1 — March 25th 2007

  • First round of Leopard compatibility
  • Quick Look implementation for Morph Age documents
  • Communicate max texture size more accurately
  • Resurrected software mode, for GPU-independent quality rendering
  • New rendering pipeline with theoretical 256 megapixels limit (memory permitting, was 4 Mega Pixel before)
  • Fixed GUI issues (image list, left)
  • Fixed rendering memory leak

Morph Age 3.0.6

  • Fixed image sizing bug when add an image bigger than the supported resolution

Morph Age 3.0.5

  • Localized in French
  • Updated transparent processing pipeline

Morph Age 3.0.4

  • Fixed resize-tool bug
  • Easier Bézier handle move (command-click)

Morph Age 3.0.3

  • Prevent negative time scrolling
  • Stepping through animation frames (left right)
  • Select all (curves)
  • Curve selection with rectangle
  • Autonormal menu item
  • "Use warp" channel button
  • Autoupdating (Sparkle)

Morph Age 3.0.2

  • Release notes in help menu
  • Fixed movie/curve sync problem

Morph Age 3.0.1

  • Toggle name (info, images)
  • Fixed "Camera window should not open if no camera"
  • GUI tweak, image list
  • iSight and iLife button to toolbar

Morph Age 3.0 - June 12th 2006

  • Intel support (Universal Binary)
  • Update image size bug
  • Fixed crash when closing document while playing
  • Fixed WWDC 2004 remark (resize sheet)
  • Fixed resize curve bug
  • Highlight selected point
  • Core image, Quartz Composer integration
  • Insert point tool
  • Replace image tool
  • Added iSight acquisition
  • Zoom slider (longer), editable %
  • Added watermark for unregistered users
  • Blending curves update
  • Reordering images with drag&drop
  • Set the background color to be transparent by default
  • Copy/paste curves
  • Add photoshop-like transparency background
  • Inverse image order
  • Added independent preview window
  • 2D scrollwheel support
  • Multiple curve selection/manipulation
  • Export as frames sequence
  • Auto-Bézier (auto control points)
  • New resize box, points
  • Cursor change when editing curves
  • New app icon and document icon, start image
  • Fix transparency problem (still image output...)
  • Fix coordinate problem for image of different size
  • (internal) deactivate iSight after capture
  • Add hide left pane button
  • (internal) texture bug GMA 950
  • (internal) autopick of quartz composition
  • (internal) fix endianness problem
  • New play button
  • Documentation update
  • (internal) fixed when changing image, filters now work
  • (internal) click point should move instead of add (curve tool)
  • Changing color should update immediately
  • Added examples
  • Menu update
  • GUI update

Morph Age 2.0 - May 3rd 2004

Morph Age 1.0 - April 8th 2003