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  • Morph Age keeps asking me to connect to the Internet in order to register. I checked my connection several times. What am I doing wrong?
    Internet connection is established when you first activate the application. This problem usually occurs when you type something wrong in the license key (e.g. problem with the case, missing number or letter or an additional blank after the code). Try again to copy and paste your license key because it is case sensitive.

  • Entering the registration code did not activate Morph Age. I tried downloading a fresh copy, but this did not help. When I restart I get the message that Morph Age is not registered.
    Please try again. As the registration code is case sensitive, it is usually better to copy/paste it. Please be careful not to enter leading or trailing spaces.
  • I want to buy the Morph Age Pro Version, but there is only “Express” version license available in the store. Where can I find it?
    Unfortunately, Apple changed so many APIs related to video processing the last few years that we can't update Morph Age Pro anymore for latest OS X. That's why we removed it from sale in August 2014. The regular version of Morph Age is still available for sale. This version is compatible with OS X Yosemite and El Capitan and enables you to morph still images only.

Morphing Technique

  • Do input images retain the same pixel dimensions when they are saved as a morphing movie?
    In Morph Age, you can set the output size you want. Go to the info pane (column on the right of the main window), and click Rendering.

  • Small details in images are difficult to access
    You can use the zoom slider to accurately set the curves. Morph Age algorithm has subpixel accuracy and as such, will provide better results if the curves are at exact locations.

  • Does Morph Age allow for exporting into GIF or other web-acceptable formats?
    Morph Age only exports the morph as a video or an image sequence (TIFF). If you need to build a GIF, you will have to use a third-party application.

  • Does it export to Full HD?
    Yes, it does. You can render at HD resolution by choosing one of Morph Age's 2 modes:
    • Hardware accelerated rendering: the maximum size is related to the graphic card. On modern hardware it is usually 4,096 pixels. Older cards may have lower limits. You can find the maximum size in Morph Age's Preferences.
    • Software rendering mode: there is no such limit, so Morph Age can render at any size. Check the related box in Morph Age's Preferences if you want to use this mode.

  • How can I make a movie longer than 5 seconds?
    You can resize the duration of the morph target in the timeline below the input photographs. First, there's a handle in the upper right corner of the rectangle for the whole project. Then, you can move the handle for each input photograph.

    Controls in the user interface for making animations longer or shorter


  • Rendering has Visual Artifacts
    • Check that the curves do not intersect each other if you don't use layers.
    • Also, concave curves may produce that kind of artifacts.
    • It can also mean that Morph Age has not enough information on how to transform images at that place. You should either increase curve subdivisions and/or add more curves there to help Morph Age find the appropriate transformation.

  • Rendered Movie has Poor Quality
    The QuickTime codec plays an important role here. You should use appropriate codecs for your application. MPEG-4 and Sorenson give good quality for reasonable file size. You can also try to disable codec keyframes from the compression dialog.

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