Instant Text Capture.

Aim at text. Shoot. It's yours! Prizmo Go lets you grab printed text easily, so you don’t have to retype it.

Before shooting, Prizmo Go shows lines of text directly in the camera preview to let you know what it sees, in a way similar to augmented reality but for text. After shooting, you get direct access to textual contents. It’s that simple.

Prizmo Go can read the text aloud, and it also offers a number of interactions with text contents. Or you can simply copy/paste the text to other apps or to your Mac.

Finally, thanks to its support for VoiceOver, Prizmo Go is very well suited to low vision and blind users.

New in Prizmo Go 2.0: new built-in neural network-based OCR in more languages (10 → 23), cloud-based handwriting recognition (English only) as well as automatic text translation in 59 languages. See what's new in this video or read the blogpost.

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I've never seen anything like Prizmo Go's real-time OCR in the camera before. […] Prizmo Go is an excellent implementation of computer vision and iOS Camera features, and it's gained a permanent spot on my iPhone and iPad.
Federico Viticci from MacStories

Swipe to Select. Interact.
Swipe finger through text to select

Once the image has been processed (OCR’ed) after shooting, Prizmo Go highlights the text and lets you fine-tune the selection by swiping through it in the original picture. It’s really like recognizing text with your fingertip, magical! Moreover, Prizmo Go also gives you a number of options, like editing the selected text.

But there’s more… If there is special information in the text like an email address, a phone number, a website URL, a street address, or a QR code, then Prizmo Go offers specific interactions with those as well. Such as directly dialing a number or getting navigation instructions in Maps. It bridges physical & digital worlds. Very handy!

Prizmo Go supports modern iOS features such as Drag & Drop, both for processing the dropped image and to export recognized text with just the flick of a finger. That way, highlighted text can be exported just by dragging it from the picture.

Focus on Accessibility.
Voice Reader Screenshot

Low vision and blind users can also take advantage of Prizmo Go as not only does it propose extensive support for VoiceOver, but it also brings specific features such as pre-shooting instructions, automatic angle correction, and automatic text-to-speech playback.

VoiceOver makes it possible to use the app without looking at the screen thanks to audio interface navigation and feedback. Prizmo Go exposes its whole interface through VoiceOver. You can find more information about VoiceOver here.

Prizmo Go makes it possible to scan everyday documents and other forms of printed text, and to directly read them aloud with minimal interactions in the app.

Advanced Technologies.

Prizmo Go is built mostly on invisible technology. Scene interpretation, image tracking & preprocessing, text layout understanding…

Regarding text processing, Prizmo Go provides both a very accurate Cloud OCR (optical character recognition) option that handles 26 languages, as well as a reliable built-in OCR that works without internet connection, in 23 languages, handwriting recognition (English only) and text translation in 59 languages.

Stabilized shooting mode provides continuous sharpness monitoring to pick the very best image in the stream, that, in turn, results in the best recognition accuracy.

You can review the list of Prizmo Go's available languages for each OCR, as well as all features and technical details on this page.

Detected Text Text Overlay
Original Image Original

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