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Collaborative Drawing. Unleashed Creativity.

Inko is a collaborative whiteboard that lets you draw using multiple iPad or iPhone devices, and even interact on Apple TV.

Brainstorming together, or having fun while solving a problem are just two examples. And as it’s peer-to-peer, there’s no need for any internet connection or complex network setup. Just find a place, and start drawing.
Seeing other participants’ drawing trails as they occur really gives a sense of being part of the group. It’s magical. And the drawing always stays sharp at any zoom level. Moreover, the ephemeral highlighter lets you interact by catching others’ attention to a particular place in the canvas. Very handy when collaborating.

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School and Enterprise Ready.

Schools and enterprises are places where creativity and collaboration play an important role. Inko is particularly well suited to these environments, as it offers a great drawing experience with a nomadic and seamless connectivity.

A large screen can be used when needed thanks to the Apple TV companion app, so that no one is left aside. It really shines in 4K, and is actually much more affordable than dedicated interactive whiteboard hardware. Not only that, but the remote-operated highlighter is also pretty remarkable.

There's even more. Reusable groups of participants make it easy to quickly start a session with the same people again, which saves the trouble of starting from scratch. You have unlimited imagination? You get an unlimited number of canvases. And hi-res PDF exports allow long-term digital archiving to never lose your group’s work. Digital productivity 101.

New: Inko’s app variant “Inko - Group Edition” is now available through Apple's volume purchase program (VPP). It is functionally equivalent to Inko with Collaboration Pack, and both app variants are compatible with each other.

Easy, Yet Smart & Powerful.

Inko’s nomadic connectivity is an advanced feature that is built upon iOS peer-to-peer networking capability. iPhone, iPad, as well as Apple TV all support it, enabling seamless connection with nearby devices, in any circumstances.

A variety of drawing tools, including a calligraphic option, are provided. Also, Apple Pencil is an amazing piece of technology that Inko fully supports in its finest details such as pressure and angle sensitivity, high-speed sampling and predictive input to provide an outstanding drawing experience.

Multiple users editing the same data simultaneously can be overwhelming. However, Inko makes it transparent and conflict-free thanks to a robust data model and per user undo/redo.

Finally, Inko offers all sorts of iOS productivity features, like iCloud syncing for personal drawings, Drag & Drop, Split View Multitasking on iPad, Today Widget and Quick Actions.

Flexible Pricing Models.

The free version provides an unlimited number of canvases for personal use, and lets two or more users try the collaboration feature for a 5-minute time-limited session. Two purchase options are provided:
  • Collaboration Pack: a one-time purchase ($19.99) that unlocks collaboration. In this configuration, all users must unlock the pack for time-unlimited sessions.
  • Hero Plan: a subscription ($11.99 monthly, $99.99 yearly) that grants one user (the hero) the super power of initiating sessions that others can join using just the free app. Ideal for schools and enterprises.
  • Volume Purchases (VPP): see Inko - Group Edition.
The Apple TV companion app is completely free.

Dedicated interactive whiteboard hardware can be very expensive, well over $10,000 or even $20,000 depending on options. Inko is not only more flexible as it does not require a fixed place, but, because it runs on off-the-shelf hardware which can serve many other purposes, it’s actually *cheaper* to deploy. Moreover, adding a number of new displays in different rooms (Apple TV + TV set) only costs a fraction of dedicated hardware expenditure, even with large 4K screens.

Quick Setup

No complex network configuration thanks to peer-to-peer connectivity. Starting a group will automagically pop a prompt on nearby devices.

Gorgeous Visualization

Pixel-free drawing display that stays sharp when zooming (same technology as in Carbo). Specific support for vibrant colors on compatible displays (P3).

Powerful Export/Sharing

High-res PDF or native archive export for future reuse. Inko drawings can be saved as files or exported to the available sharing services.


Secure peer-to-peer or network-based connections between devices (TLS).

Group Saving

Group saving of participants list for quick startup of new collaborative sessions. Known users (in saved group) can join without requiring organizer acceptance.

Nomadic Collaboration

Seamless connectivity with up to 12 devices (Wi-Fi access point), or 8 devices (no Wi-Fi access point).

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