Highest Quality Scans

Photo-based scanning at over 300 DPI (12MP camera), with advanced image processing adjustments that rival flatbed scanner results . Quality & compression are fully customizable.

Speedy Workflow

Speed-focused capture workflow: in just 3 taps, have your document scanned, cleaned up, cropped, and text-recognized to a multi-page PDF right into your cloud.

Intuitive Interface

New elegant & intuitive user interface, coherent with iOS standards, that provides both simplicity and power.

Auto Upload

PDF documents are automatically sent to your chosen cloud storage: Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, WebDAV, or a folder of Apple Files app.

Background Processing

Scanned documents are processed by the app in the background: OCR & PDF generation occur while the document is still closed.

Shooting Experience

Review quality & cropping directly during shooting to avoid later surprises. Tools are preconfigured to save time.


Prizmo camera can now shoot automatically with no user interaction when documents are presented thanks to its improved page detection technique.

Innovative Stabilization

Innovative stabilization technique that provides a sharper image than typical OIS hardware, and in turn improves OCR results.

Page Detection

State-of-the-art custom-made page detection and tracking with live feedback during capture that provides superior accuracy even in difficult shooting conditions.

Device Orientation Detection

Device orientation is detected during shooting, making it possible to shoot either in portrait or landscape orientations to accommodate textual contents.

Camera Flash

Flash can be enabled if needed during capture to enhance text recognition.

Image Inputs

Supports built-in device rear camera for shooting at max. device resolution. Image can be imported from Photo Album, iOS Files App, or Clipboard.

Exhaustive Image Adjustments

Rotation, perspective crop, cleanup mode (black/white, color, gray), brightness & contrast, edge repair & flattening of curved contents.

Edge Repair

Special handling to remove artifacts for edges that are not perfectly straight or imprecisely cropped.

Content Flattening

Scans of curved contents like book or magazine pages are now flattened. This improves both visual quality and OCR accuracy.

On-device OCR

Reliable and accurate on-device OCR (optical character recognition) with machine learning that operates in 23 languages and without an internet connection.

Cloud OCR

High performance optional cloud-based OCR that operates in 139 languages, with handwriting recognition (9 languages).

Advanced OCR Editing

Edit text regions: add, delete, merge, resize, reorder and change text. Move a region around some text or tune its readability, and look at it as it is magically recognized in real time.

Business Cards

Streamlined processing: business card recognition, labeling, correction, and export. Save to Contacts or send as vCard.

Smart Actions

Detection and interaction with specific data types in recognized text: emails, phone numbers, URLs, locations, dates.

Export Formats

Searchable PDF, TXT, PNG, JPEG & Microsoft Word DOCX. Efficient compression schemes (customizable JPEG quality, CCITT G4, JBIG2) to generate high-res scans under 50KB.

Password-protected PDF

Prizmo now offers the possibility of setting a password to access the contents of the generated PDF document.

Text Reader

Comfortable & customizable reading experience: font, line spacing, margins & text size. OpenDyslexic font supported. Multi-page navigation. Text-to-speech.


Text-to-speech reading of recognized text is proposed in the Text Reader. Any installed iOS Voices can be used. Highlighting of words as they are spoken. Adjustable speech rate.

Background Audio Playback

Prizmo Text Reader also plays spoken text in the background like a music player, and you can navigate through sentences and pages with playback control.


Full VoiceOver support, with audio labels & hints. Spoken guidance & description during capture. Dynamic Type & OpenDyslexic font in Text Reader, and highlighted word reading.

Spoken Description & Guidance

Specific eye-shaped button to shoot and obtain information (angle, text coverage, page position,…) from the scene. Spoken guidance instructions while shooting.

Dynamic Type

Text appearance (size) can be customized with Dynamic Type, which can be accessed in your device's settings.

Multipage documents

Scan several pages into a Prizmo document, and export them as a single PDF file.


Use x-callback-url to trigger Prizmo from other apps, e.g. Apple Shortcuts. An API is provided to access document processing features, & to create advanced workflows.

Batch Editing

Processing settings set on one page, like page cleanup mode or OCR language, can easily be replicated to other pages of a document by using the Batch Editor.

Optimized for iOS

Supports latest iOS enhancements: Open In, Photos, Messages extensions, iPad multitasking, drag & drop, iCloud document syncing, Siri Shortcuts, Dynamic Type, etc.

iCloud Documents

Seamless experience across devices: shoot with iPhone, edit with iPad or on the Mac. iCloud enables to share editable documents across all your devices automatically.

Messages extension

Prizmo is also available from Messages extensions. Use this mini Prizmo to scan & send document without even leaving the conversation.

Open in, Photos Extension

An Open In extension is provided to allow the sending of an image from any other app. A Photos extension allows to initiate processing directly from Photos.

Siri Shortcuts

Document and business card scanning can be triggered with Siri thanks to provided Siri Shortcuts.

Privacy First

Prizmo is "privacy first". Personal data is yours, we don't access it, we don't read it, we don't host it on our servers.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Supports keyboard shortcuts for iPad users. Open/close a document, open Text Reader, scan new page and more.

Core ML

Structural analysis is performed with machine learning / CoreML, enabling features like content-based orientation determination in a fraction of a second (Apple Neural Engine).