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Prizmo 5.2.2 for iOS - January 20th 2020

  • New Features
    • Added curved contents flattening option in the batch editor.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Modified keyboard shortcuts (now CMD-CTRL+left/right) to switch pages to prevent conflict with text editing.
    • Fixed a bug where the crop frame of a page created from a PDF document could be corrupted when changing the page format.
    • Fixed a bug where the "Process in Prizmo" extension would fail in Mail (iOS 13).
    • Fixed a bug where the scroll bars could be mispositioned in the page editor.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when exporting a large Word document (DOCX).

Prizmo 5.2.1 for iOS - December 16th 2019

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when launching the application when the "PDF Upload" function was enabled.

Prizmo 5.2 for iOS - December 10th 2019

  • New Features (iOS 13)
    • Dark Mode is now fully supported throughout the application user interface.
    • Added Context Menus for previewing Smart Actions with a long press.
    • Home screen update with SF Symbols.
  • Enchancements
    • Improved compatibility with documents created with the macOS version of Prizmo.
    • Improved support of Universal Clipboard when using "Import Clipboard Image" home screen quick action.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when editing the fields of a business card.

Prizmo 5.1.1 for iOS - October 21st 2019

  • Improved the user interface when saving a business card to Contacts.
  • Fixed a bug where activating the cropping in the batch editor could lead to unexpected results.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when saving a business card to Contacts on iOS 13.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when initiating the reading of the text.

Prizmo 5.1 for iOS - September 21st 2019

  • Prizmo 5.1 brings support for Apple OCR (iOS 13 required). You can enable Apple OCR from Prizmo’s OCR settings (Settings ▸ OCR ▸ Use Apple OCR), and it will be used when English on-device OCR is picked from the list. Apple OCR brings improved accuracy in most situations. Apple OCR is available without limitations to both Premium Pack owners and Cloud Plan subscribers.
  • New Features
    • Added support for Apple OCR (iOS 13 only).
    • Added Capture Chime preference to enable/disable capture sounds (Settings ▸ Accessibility ▸ Capture Chime).
  • Improvements
    • Improved x-callback-url by making parameters case-insensitive.
    • Updated localizations.
    • Fixed a crash that can occur in rare circumstances when taking a picture.
    • Fixed a crash when changing the page format of a page on the iPad.

Prizmo 5.0.3 for iOS - September 4th 2019

  • Fixed an issue where the Cloud OCR could have an unexpected behavior if no text was recognized.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the renaming of a document under certain circumstances.

Prizmo 5.0.2 for iOS - September 2nd 2019

  • Fixed bug causing `processDocument` x-callback-url action to fail.
  • Fixed some other minor issues.

Prizmo 5.0.1 for iOS - August 28th 2019

  • Improved the layout of the page editor user interface when the software keyboard is displayed.
  • Fixed layout issue when editing the text of an OCR region
  • Fixed layout issue when renaming a document.
  • Fixed missing keyboard shortcuts localizations.
  • Fixed a crash when opening older (Prizmo 4) documents.

Prizmo 5.0 for iOS - August 27th 2019

  • Prizmo 5.0 brings iPhone/iPad document scanning to the next level. It features new image enhancements, rich export options, pro automation capabilities, and improved accessibility options:
    • A new scanning workflow focused on speed.
    • Improved image enhancements: perspective crop, cleanup, brightness & contrast, flattening, edge repair, document flattening.
    • A choice of two best-in-class OCR options: a reliable & accurate on-device OCR powered by machine learning and a high-performance cloud-based OCR.
    • Advanced PDF options: password protected PDF, efficient compression formats (customizable JPEG quality, CCITT G4, JBIG2) to generate small files.
    • Auto upload of PDFs directly to the cloud (iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, WebDAV).
    • Accessibility capabilities: full VoiceOver support, spoken guidance, and spoken description before shooting.
    • And many other features.

    Existing users of Prizmo 4 get a special upgrade pricing on the Premium Pack.

Prizmo 4.2 for iOS - April 18th 2019

  • Optimized for iOS 12 and display sizes of lastest devices.
  • Updated the translation service for future proofing.
  • Fixed a bug where Prizmo could fail to initialize the iCloud root folder.

Prizmo 4.1.13 for iOS - June 19th 2018

  • Updated the crash reports framework.

Prizmo 4.1.12 for iOS - October 2nd 2017

  • Bug fixes and enhancements for iOS 11.

Prizmo 4.1.11 for iOS - June 6th 2017

  • The Facebook link (About Prizmo) now points to the Creaceed page instead of the Prizmo page. We are gathering all company activities on a single Facebook page, and for this reason, we are closing the Prizmo page on Facebook in June 2017.

Prizmo 4.1.10 for iOS - May 11th 2017

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent dragging crop handles on the iPhone.

Prizmo 4.1.9 for iOS - March 14th 2017

  • Updated the translation service for future proofing.

Prizmo 4.1.8 for iOS - December 9th 2016

  • Fixed issue preventing to close the camera options panel using Voice Over.

Prizmo 4.1.7 for iOS - October 29th 2016

  • Fixed a crash when launching the app on iOS 8.

Prizmo 4.1.6 for iOS - October 24th 2016

  • Fixed an issue where taking pictures would fail in some situations on iOS 10.
  • Fixed possible crashes that could occur when displaying processed images.

Prizmo 4.1.5 for iOS - April 10th 2016

  • Fixed a bug preventing the installation of optional OCR language packs.

Prizmo 4.1.4 for iOS - March 30th 2016

  • Optimized application icon for the iPad Pro.
  • Fixed a crash when reordering pages on the iPad.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Prizmo 4.1.3 for iOS - October 1st 2015

  • Fixes for iOS 9.
  • Fixed iCloud issue popping an alert "Document Updated".
  • Fixed a bug causing to perform page detection while the option is turned off (quick actions only).

Prizmo 4.1.2 for iOS - May 8th 2015

  • New features:
    • Added an "Insert Page" tool (iPad only) to the contextual menu. You access it with a long press on page thumbnail in page list. Use it to insert new pages after the selected page.
    • Added the ability to export raw text to other apps.
    • Minor update to the camera capture interface.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed "Process in Prizmo" and "Read in Prizmo" extensions that misbehaved since iOS 8.3.
    • Fixed UI glitches appeared related to iOS 8.3.
    • Fixed crashes and corrupted UI when importing images from external applications.
    • Fixed incorrect error reporting could appear when using the "readText" callback url.
    • Fixed a crash when disallowing photo access.
    • Other crash fixes.

Prizmo 4.1.1 for iOS - March 16th 2015

  • New features:
    • Localized to Spanish
    • Added a "Rename" item to the contextual menu (long press on document). Tip: you can also rename a document by tapping the filename.
    • Added compatibility with iCloud Photo Library in Prizmo's image picker.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed issues that could prevent voice and OCR data downloads.
    • Fixed a bug affecting captureText x-callback-url action that would ignore user-edited text.
    • Fixed corrupt toolbar on iPad (capture text mode).
    • Fixed other minor UI issues.

Prizmo 4.1 for iOS - December 31st 2014

    User feedback integration to fine-tune a number of features (Dana, Richard, Fred, Tiziano, Marcelo). Thank you all for your feedback and help to make a better Prizmo!

    Workflow Improvements:
    • Changed the quick action "Copy to clipboard" to a more generic "Capture Text" (Marcelo). This now enables previewing (and correcting) the recognized text before copying it to the clipboard, and also permits sending the text to other apps without creating a Prizmo document.
    • Restored the black cleanup mode of the previous Prizmo (Dana). There are now 4 cleanup choices [None, Black, Gray, Color] that you can choose from, with Black more suited to text (very high contrast), and Gray/Color more suited to mixed image and text documents.

    Enhancements and Bug Fixes:
    • Photo extension: image is now saved if the cropping panel was opened while tapping on the Done button.
    • Crop tool fix: the magnifier attached to the crop handle now displays preview with correct orientation in all situations (Tiziano).
    • Image picker improvement: adaptive layout depending of the device screen estate.
    • Fixed PDF quality and dpi matching (Richard). Internal DPI estimate for a PDF document is now more accurate, depending on the included images.
    • Fixed PDF Crop Frame (Fred). Some PDF documents could have unusual crop frame that would not be correctly interpreted by Prizmo. They are now correctly handled.
    • Selecting an image in the image picker no longer fails in some situations.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur while OCR'ing a business card.

Prizmo 4.0.4 for iOS - November 21st 2014

  • Enhancements and Bug Fixes:
    • Camera improvement: image orientation is correctly set even when device rotation is locked
    • Enabled iCloud Drive public container: Prizmo iCloud folder is now accessible from any Mac running OS X Yosemite
    • Fixed network problems with translation service
    • Fixed crash when export with Open In.

Prizmo 4.0.3 for iOS - November 10th 2014

  • Enhancements and Bug Fixes:
    • Improved interactions with Handoff
    • Minor UI tweaking for iPhone 6 Plus
    • Importing a PDF file from a mail is now fully functional

Prizmo 4.0.2 for iOS - October 30th 2014

  • Corrections and Enhancements:
    • Business card export to iOS contacts crash fixed (64-bit devices)
    • Norwegian localization update

Prizmo 4.0.1 for iOS - October 18th 2014

  • iPhone 6 Plus Enhancement:
    • Prizmo now shows more documents in the main document listing on iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Workflow:
    • Default OCR Language can be displayed/set in Prizmo settings. This affects newly created documents.
    • Current OCR language of an open page can now be set to all pages of the document. This is achieved by holding the language button.
  • Corrections and Enhancements:
    • Brought back image/file import feature (accessed within camera interface)
    • Image chooser: Fixed image layout glitch
    • Fixed a problem that would corrupt image binarization and severly degrade OCR results on newer devices (64-bit)
    • Fixed a crash when accessing/editing OCR'ed contact
    • Fixed black image issue when returning to app from background
    • Fixed incorrect camera layout when using iPad in landscape orientation
  • Localization updates:
    • Updated Italian, German, Norwegian & Russian localizations

Prizmo 4 for iOS - September 17th 2014

  • Major new version: Prizmo 4.0
  • Native support for iOS 8:
    • Handoff to easily switch from editing on one device to another, with Mac, iPhone, iPad support
    • 1 iOS 8 photo-processing extension for the built-in Photos app: Crop & Cleanup
    • 3 iOS 8 extensions (Actions) for using Prizmo's capabilities from other apps: Crop & Cleanup, Capture Text, Read Text
    • Support for iOS 8 Documents: you can import images or export results to any installed cloud file systems (including iCloud Drive)
  • Modernized design and improved scanning workflow in Prizmo 4.0:
    • New, modern appearance for the document list and additional scanning options
    • Improved, simplified camera interface
    • Document can be discarded if you just need to export as PDF (no need for saving).
    • New Quick Capture button, that can be set to specific, streamlined purposes (Copy Text to Clipboard, Translate Text, Accessible Text Reading)
  • Processing improvements:
    • Better image cleanup. Will now keep all image details while also improving text quality, including a better color accuracy when color cleanup is chosen. Better user control for output (brightness and contrast).
    • Improved image preprocessing for OCR, thus leading to better OCR accuracy.
  • Full 64-bit support.
  • Improved voice quality for purchased voices (these voices need to be reinstalled)

Prizmo 3.1.6 for iOS - August 1st 2014

  • Russian localization
  • Norwegian localization
  • Czech localization

Prizmo 3.1.5 for iOS - March 18th 2014

  • New features:
    • Localized to Polish
  • Fixes and enhancements:
    • Fixed a bug in the x-callback-url api that would prevent execution of the success/cancel urls.
    • Fixed a crash that would occur when the x-callback-url cancel url was invoked.
    • Fixed a bug preventing home screen buttons from being displayed when Prizmo was launched with a url scheme.
    • Fixed a VoiceOver issue preventing photos from being selected in the photo album.

Prizmo 3.1.4 for iOS - February 5th 2014

  • New preference to adjust the minimum speech rate (Preferences > Accessibility).
  • Fixed several crashes when taking pictures from the camera.
  • Fixes and improvements when renaming documents.
  • Fixed possible crash when updating the document list.
  • Fixed crash happening randomly when processing images.
  • Fixed a bug where image region thumbnails are not visible after loading the document on the iPad.
  • Fixed several other bugs and crashes.

Prizmo 3.1.3 for iOS - December 12th 2013

  • Fixed black image bug / possible crashes especially affecting 4S.
  • Stability enhancement for image loading

Prizmo 3.1.2 for iOS - December 5th 2013

  • Improved scrolling speed in document list, in particular when using iCloud.
  • Workaround that allows exporting vCards that contain special characters (accents, etc.) to Windows/Outlook and other OSes.
  • Updated Portuguese Localization.
  • More stability in Prizmo Voice Reader.
  • Fixed: crash that could occur when loading/processing an image that was captured on a computer using a scanner.
  • Fixed: contact editing on iPad now preserves changes in all situations.

Prizmo 3.1.1 for iOS - November 4th 2013

  • Fixed blocked interaction bug that was introduced in 3.1 (affects image import, etc.).

Prizmo 3.1 for iOS - October 30th 2013

  • Faster page loading & display, especially on iPad.
  • OCR: Safety margin around text blocks for better character recognition near region borders (thanks CUK.ch for feedback).
  • Improvement of some Voice Over button hints.
  • Re-organized settings for clearer overall structure.
  • Fixed possible visual glitches in text documents.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when taking pictures.
  • Other minor corrections and enhancements (scanner bar animation, parallax offsets tuning, appearance tuning for iOS 7.0.3, better back swipe handling, correct import of PDF with bounds offset, missing contact image when exporting, other minor crash fixes…).

Prizmo 3.0.2 for iOS - September 27th 2013

  • Improved overall stability when working with large documents
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Quick Capture mode multiple times
  • Minor localization update for French

Prizmo 3.0.1 for iOS - September 19th 2013

  • Better handling of RAW images (like .NEF, .CR2), that would not behave as expected before
  • Updated app icon

Prizmo 3 for iOS - September 18th 2013

  • New iOS 7-only features:
    • Elegant iOS 7-style user interface. More clarity and deference to your content.
    • Transparency & layering (parallax) throughout Prizmo user interface for a more natural user experience.
    • Support for themes and user photo-based background.
    • Prizmo now supports Dynamic Type. You can now adjust font size in global settings of your iPhone/iPad, and even use accessibility fonts right in Prizmo.
    • Built-in speech synthesis voices in iOS 7 are now proposed for reading text, in addition to our high-quality voices (available as in-app purchases).
    • Background download of OCR data and purchased voices. You don't need to keep Prizmo active until downloads are complete, it installs them in the background for you!
  • Import:
    • Multi-image picker: you can now add multiple images to your Prizmo document as a single step for faster workflow
  • Accessibility support:
    • Voice Reader can now play sound in the background. You can now work in some other app or lock the iPhone and still be able to listen to your scanned text.
    • Voice Reader now supports being controlled (next phrase / previous phrase) by external peripherals/remotes and lock screen controls. It can also play to AirPlay devices / Bluetooth peripherals (car audio system).
    • Voice Reader now supports reading entire text document (not just a single page)
    • Voice Reader maximum speech rate can now be adjusted from Prizmo settings (Accessibility section)
    • Camera level detection: when VoiceOver is active, Prizmo performs level detection and vibrates when the device is parallel to the table to let the user know that orientation is optimum.
    • Camera: more natural tap-focusing. More similar to iOS built-in camera app.
  • Export:
    • Black and white cleaned-up documents exported as PDF are now compressed with a specific bi-level method, leading to much smaller file sizes (option has to be enabled in Prizmo settings)
    • Native Prizmo documents can be exported by mail, or sent to another app.
    • Text can be exported either as mail attachment or mail body.
    • Export to Apple's Messages application
    • Option to save all taken pictures to Album (Settings)
  • Automation update: the URL parameter name for the captured text passed to another app can now be customized (prizmo://captureText?textParameterName=customname&x-success=anotherapp://). Prizmo can now interoperate more easily with applications like Editorial that require a specific parameter name.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Exported documents (PDF, text…) now preserve document name
    • Canceling an export (even when OCR is running) is now immediate
    • Accessing camera no longer stops background music
    • Improved processing of large documents (OCR and export as PDF)
    • More robust document handling (renaming, removing)
    • Faster processing of document thumbnail, leading to shorter launch time
    • Oriented PDFs (rare) are now correctly handled (could crash before)
    • Faster page switch on iPad (now asynchronous)

Prizmo 2.0.6 for iOS - August 1st 2013

  • German localization
  • Fixed: source PDF that have a rotation tag are now correctly parsed and displayed.

Prizmo 2.0.5 for iOS - June 24th 2013

  • Italian localization
  • Portuguese localization
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when exporting PDF with many pages
  • Better overall memory efficiency when exporting PDFs
  • Various other bug fixes and enhancements

Prizmo 2.0.4 for iOS - May 29th 2013

  • iCloud turbulence is over, fasten seat belt sign is OFF. We could fix the problem with the help of users (special thanks to Michel) as the problems couldn't be reproduced locally. We're sorry for the inconvenience and we thank you all for your patience.
  • The iCloud 'downloadable' document badge is correctly reported, and is properly hidden when the document is available locally.
  • iCloud document thumbnails are now propagated to all devices both when renaming and duplicating documents.
  • iCloud documents are now properly sorted based on their modification date.
  • Fixed random startup crash when iCloud is turned ON.
  • Fixed random crash that happened when opening an iCloud document.

Prizmo 2.0.3 for iOS - May 22nd 2013

  • Fixed a crash that happens when opening documents stored in iCloud

Prizmo 2.0.2 for iOS - May 18th 2013

  • Accelerated the maximum speech rate
  • Better business card template when exporting to Contacts
  • Fixed an important iCloud issue where documents would automatically disappear under some circumstances
  • Fixed a crash that could randomly occur when leaving the application while taking a picture
  • Fixed some smaller issues

Prizmo 2.0.1 for iOS - May 15th 2013

  • Fixed a crash that could occur randomly when opening a page (affecting both iPhone & iPad)
  • Fixed 'read text' URL scheme problem when passed options are incorrect
  • Minor iPad interface tweaks

Prizmo 2 for iOS - May 14th 2013

  • Completely new user experience with focus on rapid workflow
  • Prizmo is now an iPhone/iPad universal application (including a new, dedicated user interface for the iPad)
  • Specific processing according to document type (business cards, text documents, or regular images)
  • Ability to change document types
  • Support for PDF files as input
  • Sound feedback for image stabilization when taking the picture to avoid blurry shots
  • Multipage document handling (editing and export as single PDF file) with ability to reorder pages
  • iCloud support for sharing work-in-progress Prizmo documents across iPhone, iPad and Mac
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and data interpretation:
    • Over 30 additional installable OCR languages available as free downloads
    • Adjustable, interactive readability for improved OCR results
    • OCRed documents data (business card, text) can be edited alongside original image
    • Ability to change OCR language while editing text, and as a consequence, ability to use several OCR languages in a single page
    • Content analysis and interpretation as text, image or numerical regions
    • Powerful region handling (add, delete, merge and reorder regions)
    • Ability to change region types
    • Ability to affect recognized text to any business card field (business card editing only)
  • Image processing:
    • Automatic frame detection
    • Cropping snaps to page edges
    • Loupe for accurate corner positioning when cropping
    • Powerful image cleanup
  • New output options:
    • Multipage document export
    • Support for PDF files as output
    • iCloud (editable Prizmo work-in-progress documents)
    • Export to all compatible applications installed on the iPhone/iPad
    • Adjustable PDF and JPEG image quality (and therefore file size)
  • Accessibility support:
    • Improved VoiceOver support
    • Automatic page detection (Prizmo detects page borders when the document is laid on a table with good contrast)
    • Voice guidance to help locate the page before shooting
    • 30 additional male and female voices in 20 languages
    • Word highlighting as the text is being read out loud
    • Feedback of operations (e.g. to inform if text was recognized or not)
  • Quick Capture mode to quickly copy/paste some text, or to read it out in the Voice Reader (no creation of Prizmo document)
  • Support for automation: other apps can now invoke Prizmo
  • Sample documents available within the application
  • Built-in diagnostic program for sending all relevant information related to crashes
  • User interface available in English and French.

Prizmo for iPhone 1.1.9. — November 16th 2012

  • Support for exporting documents as image/text/vcard to other apps with the 'Open In' option
  • Evernote support is now handled through 'Open In' for more flexibility when creating/tagging the note

Prizmo for iPhone 1.1.8. — October 2nd 2012

  • Support and optimizations for the iPhone 5's 4-inch screen
  • Support for the new privacy rules in iOS 6 (Prizmo now requests permission when it needs access to Contacts)
  • Fixed bug with Notepad style textviews causing the text to be too far from the lines
  • Fixed missing Retina image in the about screen

Prizmo for iPhone 1.1.7. — July 9th 2012

  • Removed MobileMe support (because deprecated on June 30th 2012)

Prizmo for iPhone 1.1.6. — May 15th 2012

  • Norwegian Localization

Prizmo for iPhone 1.1.5. — April 2nd 2012

  • Danish Localization

Prizmo for iPhone 1.1.4. — February 20th 2012

  • Enabled document deletion in Voice Over mode
  • Fixed incorrect Voice Over document labels
  • Fixed Address Book related crashes
  • Fixed random crashes when scanning and reading text out loud
  • Fixed crashes when choosing an image in the album
  • Fixed a crash when exporting a scanned image to album
  • Fixed feedback mail - now reports the correct version number

Prizmo for iPhone 1.1.3. — January 27th 2012

  • Fixed accessibility problem for taking pictures
  • Better accessibility action labeling
  • Added Italian Localization

Prizmo for iPhone 1.1.2. — January 16th 2012

  • Fixed document translation issue (moved to Microsoft instead of Google)
  • Fixed a problem when exporting scanned documents by email

Prizmo for iPhone 1.1.1. — December 14th 2011

  • Added Dutch Localization
  • Fixed iOS5-related UI glitches

Prizmo for iPhone 1.1. — December 15th 2010

  • Export to Evernote and MobileMe
  • Improved in-app documentation, with examples
  • 15 additional languages available when using Google Translate
  • Various bug fixes

Prizmo for iPhone 1.0.3. — September 8th 2010

  • German Localization: User Interface
  • Fixed Voice Player bugs

Prizmo for iPhone 1.0.2. — August 30th 2010

  • OCR: Improved skew robustness. OCR will have better results when text is not perfectly straight.
  • OCR: Automatic page orientation determination
  • OCR: Improved large type handling
  • OCR: Automatic hyphenation reconstruction for texts
  • Non numeric ZIP codes now correctly handled
  • Enhancement of Address Book export

Prizmo for iPhone 1.0.1. — August 23rd 2010

  • Bug fix: Text editing after OCR is now saved
  • Improved field handling in business cards
  • No more file overwrite with Dropbox export
  • Website links

Prizmo for iPhone 1.0 — August 18th 2010

    Task-based document scanning and data processing
    • Regular Text
    • Business Cards
    • Bills
    • Whiteboards

    Regular Text
    • Text Recognition (OCR)
    • Editing
    • Text Translation (Google)
    • Read Text with Text-to-Speech Technology

    Business Cards
    • Text Recognition (OCR) and Interpretation (automatically enters contact information into appropriate fields)
    • Editing: add / modify / delete fields
    • Create contact in address book, or merge with existing one
    • Save and send vCards

    • Text Recognition (OCR) and Interpretation (automatically detects labels, prices, and tax)
    • Editing: add / modify / delete fields
    • Tax and tip handling
    • Bill Splitting among people
    • Save and send CSV files

    • Image Capture and Improvement