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  • Do I need an internet connection to organize a group collaboration?
    No, Inko does not require internet at all. Thanks to iOS peer-to-peer connectivity, Inko allows collaboration between up to 8 devices without any internet connection.

  • How do I start drawing with other people?
    While in Inko’s canvas view, tap on the Collaboration icon in the top-right corner to show the collaboration sheet then tap on “Start New Group”. You have now become the organizer. Other people can join this group from the Collaboration panel on their device, and you just need to accept them. See how to save that group if you often work with the same people.

  • How many people can join my group?
    Without a Wi-Fi access point, you can connect up to 8 devices together thanks to peer-to-peer connectivity. In short, seven other users can join the group created by the organizer who is the eighth participant. Apple TV counts as one device as well.
    If all devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi, you can have a collaboration with up to 12 devices.

  • How do I save a group of participants for future use?
    If you often work with the same people, it makes sense to create a group so that you can start collaborating quicklier, without having to accept them when they join the group. To achieve this, while in Inko’s canvas view, tap on the Collaboration icon in the top-right corner to show the collaboration sheet then tap on “Start New Group”. You have now become the organizer. Tap on the Collaboration button again, name your group, then hit Save. Participants who join this group will be added to it, and you’ll only have to accept the first time.


  • I want to delete the whole drawing at once. Is this possible?
    Yes, you can quickly erase a drawing’s contents by pressing and holding the eraser tool to clear the active drawing. You can also remove the drawing from the list altogether by left swiping it from the drawing list.

  • How many canvases can we draw on?
    As many as you like. Tap on the Create Drawing icon (second icon in the top-left corner with the “+” sign) in the canvas view to create a new canvas when needed. It is automatically pushed to other participant if you are collaborating.

  • Can the toolbar be moved?
    The toolbar bar can indeed be relocated to handle both left- and right-handed users & various drawing habits. Just press it and throw it to any side of the canvas you want. Also, when you happen to draw on the toolbar, it immediately disappears to avoid being in your way.

  • Can I import notes or pictures into Inko?
    Importing images to edit is not Inko’s purpose as it rather focuses on the concept of “drawing together”.
    That being said, Inko is compatible with our Carbo app and supports receiving Carbo notes by drag & drop. Carbo does support taking pictures to create a note.

Saving & Sharing

  • How do I share the group’s drawing(s) with other people?
    You first need to select the drawings you want to share.
    • On iPhone: Tap on the “Drawings” button (first icon in the top-left corner) to display your drawings then tap and hold a drawing. You are now able to select several drawings in the list.
    • On iPad: Tap on the “Drawings” button (first icon in the top-left corner) to display your drawings then tap on the “Select” button.

    Select the ones you wish to export then tap on the “Export” button. Choose the format in which you want to export your drawing(s) (drawing archive, PDF or image).

  • What is a “Drawings Archive”?
    It is the native file format of Inko app, which contains one or more drawings in a full quality and that can be reloaded at a later time. If you wish to send one or several drawings to someone so that they can also modify it for example, you can send them your drawing in a drawing archive so that they will be able to open it in their Inko app.

Business / Education

  • Can your app be purchased in volume for schools or enterprises in the Apple VPP Store?
    Inko's app variant, Inko - Group Edition, can indeed be purchased through Apple's volume purchase program (VPP). It is available at $19.99 on the App Store and at $9.99 on the VPP Store for a minimum of 20 units.

    The app is functionally equivalent to Inko with Collaboration Pack, and both app variants are compatible with each other.


  • The connection was interrupted and we lost the drawing we were working on. What do we do?
    Please follow these steps:
    • Relaunch the app
    • Tap on Collaborate button (top-right)
    • Tap on Settings button
    • Scroll down and tap on Recent Sessions
    • Choose the drawing you were working on

  • I cannot connect my device with the other ones in the group. Which procedure do we have to follow?
    Inko uses iOS peer-to-peer networking, just like AirDrop, Universal Clipboard, and HandOff. It does not need a Wi-Fi network to operate, even though it can make use of it if available. When not using Wi-Fi, the number of participant in a group is limited to 8, otherwise to 12. With difficult networking conditions, or when devices are not connected to the same network, it can happen that Inko on a device won’t be able to see a shared group. If that happens, you should try the following:
    • In Inko, Stop sharing the group on the organizer device
    • Swipe up to display iOS control panel, and disconnect Wifi on both devices (organizer and participant). Should be a white Wi-Fi icon
    • Start sharing the group again, and try to connect
    • If that does not work, turn on Plane Mode on both devices
    • Turn off Plane Mode on both
    • Try the reconnect again
    The best conditions are either that devices share the same Wi-Fi network, or that all devices aren’t connected to any Wi-Fi. It can also help if all devices have Wi-Fi off in the control center (white icon).

  • The toolbar disappeared. How do I make it visible again?
    By tapping on the canvas with two fingers. Two-finger tapping hides or shows the toolbar.

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