Refined Camera Experience

New and improved camera experience with faster shooting, review, and manual control.

Versatile Viewfinder

Approachable ergonomics, tactile input & sensory feedback (1-stop vibrations). Exposure tuning with “zebra” previewing.

Innovative Capture Technology

Hydra features an AI-powered photo capture technology that will merge together a large number of RAW input photos to enhance final output.

AI-powered Processing

On-device neural network processing optimized for Core ML and Apple Silicon. State-of-the-art quality & performance.

Manual operation

Precise camera control: focus, ISO, shutter speed, white balance. New advanced priority modes.

Privacy First

All processing is performed on the device (no cloud AI, no photo upload). Privacy filter available when sharing photos. No user tracking, no profiling, no ads.

Selfie Mode

Selfies are supported in most shooting modes. It is recommended to stay still during shooting for better results.

Powerful photo editor

Powerful photo editor for 32-bit non-degrading edits, including tone mapping, detail boosting, precise colorimetry, and Apple ProRAW editing.

Before/After Comparison

Side-by-side pixel-level comparison with unprocessed RAW input.

File Formats

A variety of file formats are available: JPEG, HEIC, TIFF, TIFF-32, OpenEXR, Radiance, DNG, Apple ProRAW, and next-gen JPEG XL.

Color Spaces

sRGB, Display P3, ROMM ProPhoto, AdobeRGB

Capture Modes

New normal camera mode. HDR with over 20-stop range, Lo-light & Macro, up-to-6/8x Zoom, and 110-megapixel Hi-res mode.

Overlay Grid

An overlay grid option is optionally provided to compose the picture more easily.

Multi Destinations

Hydra can save to both your photo album and to Files, including shared folders. Handy for collaboration.

GPS/Location Metadata

Location is saved into images taken with Hydra. You can disable this feature from Hydra settings, or filter them out when sharing to social networks.

HDR Mode

Combines multiple exposures to handle shadows and highlights from the scene. Tone mapping can be operated manually.

Lo-light Mode

Light is amplified by fusing many images. Specific AI-powered merging, demosaicing & denoising is applied to generate the final image.

Zoom & Macro Modes

Up-to 8x zooming including AI-powered and optical factor. Improved details in macro shooting.

Hi-res Mode

AI-powered super resolution to create up-to 110 megapixels outputs. Great for large prints of that outstanding landscape.

Inline Help

Help topics are available within the app for each capture mode. You can review them to help you take better pictures.

Specific JPEG Encoding

Hydra uses a specific JPEG encoder to cope with large output images (up to 110 MP), with speed and memory efficiency.

Powerful User Experience

Switch capture mode simply by swiping, just like the built-in camera. Swipe up/down for exposure control. Hold to enter manual operation and back.

Saving of Unprocessed Photos

Native image can be saved without any processing, alongside the processed one for later review.

Hardware Optimization

Make use of Metal, Accelerate, Core ML, and Apple Neural Engine (ANE) for high-speed machine learning computations on Apple Silicon.

Accurate Computation

Most internal computation is performed in floating-point for higher precision.

Image Orientation

Detected image orientation is saved into the output image. This is determined from accelerometer data, and works even if the device is orientation-locked.

Apple Watch Support

Hydra can be remotely controlled by Apple Watch. Capture mode can be changed & photo/video capture initiated.

Metadata Viewing

Hydra gallery is able to display very large images as well as metadata of taken pictures (including Hydra shooting mode).