Review: Hydra "HiRes" iPhone Camera App

August 13th 2017

By David Robinson
in English

Hydra is for people who enjoy iPhone photography at a higher and more rewarding level.

App til iPhone tar bilder man ikke trodde mobilen klarte

November 22nd 2016

By Trond Bie
in Norwegian

Hydra er navnet på en bilde-app til iOS (iPhone og iPad) som tar utrolige mye mer detaljerte bilder av statiske objekter enn den innebygde kamera-appen klarer.

Hydra App for Taking High Resolution Pictures

September 14th 2015

By Rimothy Goleman
in English

Hydra Review: All Hail Hydra...?

August 21st 2015

By Krist Duro
in English

Making a simple third-party camera, today, with precise control over exposure, focus, and white balance is kinda easy. But Hydra is not just another simple camera app as the stuff it does is very surprising to say the least.

Photo apps: How to take better HDR pictures with Hydra for iPhone

August 21st 2015

By Allyson Kazmucha
in English

Hydra for iPhone does a great job balancing tricky lighting situations.

Review: Hydra camera app for HDR and 16 MP photos

June 14th 2015

By Chris Feichtner
in English

Hydra 1.1 iOS devient télécommande sur Apple Watch

April 20th 2015

By Arnaud
in French

Hydra for iOS: jetpack the iPhone camera with HDR, high-res zoom, low ligh photography

April 5th 2015

By nirina
in English

it’s already a killer app for all iPhonographers and you can easily spend those three bucks on Hydra for iOS, I can guarantee you that you will not regret it.

Best iOS Camera App - Hail Hydra Review

February 17th 2015

By Chris Pirillo
in English

Photo App Review: Hydra 1.0.1

February 11th 2015

By Mel Martin
in English

I gave the app my best HDR torture tests – a dark room with a bright window, and the results were excellent, and better than I’ve seen from other less flexible HDR apps.

Hydra — Amazing Photography App for iOS

February 9th 2015

By Preshit Deorukhkar
in English

Hydra is a camera app for iPhone and iPad that focuses on pre-processing, meaning it helps you take stunning photographs.

Hands on with Hydra (Not the Serpent-like Monster)

February 6th 2015

By Raman
in English

Hydra has immediately become my favorite HDR app. It makes use of many images to get a really great HDR shot (Medium strength is my favorite). I don’t think there are any other apps even close right now.

[RECENSIONE] Hydra: scattare fotografie iPhone da 32 Megapixel

February 4th 2015

By Andrea
in Italian

Fotografie incredibili, noi di AmaTech siamo rimasti assolutamente soddisfatti e ve la consigliamo per scattare fotografie iPhone da 32 Megapixel.

Hydra Review

February 4th 2015

By Jennifer Allen
in English

In a world where we all increasingly use our iPhones rather than carry a separate camera, this is an app that achieves that and makes the replacement all the easier.

Hydra, l'appli montoise qui cartonne chez Apple

February 3rd 2015

By Christophe Charlot
in French

Classée dans le TOP 5 des applis les plus téléchargées dans 42 pays, l'application Hydra fondée à Mons enregistre un démarrage très remarqué.

App Hydra, résolution 32 MegaPixels, Zoom amélioré, HDR vidéo dans une app photo iPhone et iPad étonnante

February 2nd 2015

in French

A recommander aux fans de photo qui sauront prendre le temps de l'utiliser dans les bonnes conditions, avec un support par exemple, et qui auront à cœur d'expérimenter et de choisir les modes qui leur conviennent.

Hydra : l'app photo qui fait mieux qu'Apple avec des photo et vidéos HDR

February 1st 2015

By Medhi
in French

Spécialisée dans les prises de vue HDR, Hydra fait mieux que l'app Appareil Photo native.

Hydra, fotos de hasta 32 magapíxeles con la cámara de tu iPhone

January 31st 2015

By Manuel M. Almeida
in Spanish

En realidad es una pequeña navaja suiza para la cámara de tu dispositivo iOS que ofrece, además de este modo de alta resolución, otras cuatro funciones: HDR, Vídeo HDR, Lo-Light y Zoom.

New app promises to give your iPhone a 32MP camera

January 30th 2015

By Luke Dormehl
in English

impressive app that only serves to underline just why the iPhone camera has been so embraced by users

Hydra, eine innovative neue Foto App für iOS

January 30th 2015

in German

Insgesamt macht Hydra einen super Eindruck und bringt, im Gegensatz zu den unzähligen anderen Kamera Apps mal einen ganz neuen Ansatz.

Hydra for iOS uses multi-frame techniques for higher resolution and lower noise

January 30th 2015

By Lars Rehm
in English

Making use of the latest camera API and GPU rendering technologies in iOS 8 and applying multi-frame methods merging up to 60 exposures, Hydra offers a range of clever-looking capture modes.

Hydra HDR App Captures Up To 4 Times iPhone Camera Resolution

January 29th 2015

By James DeRuvo
in English

But with apps like FiLMiC Pro, iPhocus, Hyperlapse, UltraKam, and MoviePro, could there be room for another? Well, if you want to shoot a movie with the etherial quality that only high dynamic range can give, then the answer may be yes.

Hydra : l'app photo pour les situations difficiles

January 29th 2015

By Florian Innocente
in French

La version iOS va néanmoins plus loin. Elle en fait plus et parfois mieux que l'app d'Apple, avec des fonctions de zoom originales, de prises de vue plus riches en détails ou encore de vidéos HDR.

Hydra: A powerful and innovative iOS app for High Dynamic Range photography

January 29th 2015

By Mel Martin
in English

terrific performing photo app with solid features that will improve your images in challenging lighting conditions

Prise en main en avant-première de l'application photo Hydra

January 22nd 2015

By Laetitia
in French

une fois le système compris et maîtrisé il est possible de réaliser des photos très intéressantes, plus nettes, contenant plus détails.

Avant-première: Hydra, la HDR avec 20 images sur iOS

January 15th 2015

By Arnaud
in French

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