Review: Morph Age 5

Avril 2020

Par Laurell Davenport
en anglais

Morph Age is very easy to use. You almost don't even need to read the manual. Though you do to learn the finer points of the program. I was surprised that not only can you morph between two images, but you can morph between multiple images. Rendering was pretty fast and I really had a lot of fun with this program. I think you would too.

Morph Age Pro, l’applicazione professionale per creare incredibili morphing video su Mac

15 mars 2011

Par Gigi Calabrò
en italien

Ma una cosa è certa: dopo averci fatto la mano si possono fare cose impensabili e le sequenze morphing realizzate rasentano la perfezione di quelle del cinema. website logo

Review : Morph Age Pro

1er juin 2010

Par David John
en anglais

As you can see for ten minutes work and using only six points of reference Morph Age has done a pretty amazing job in morphing the two images and with more time I have no doubt the result would be cinema quality. (...)
If you are looking for a way of creating cinematic or TV quality morph transformations then Morph Age Pro is definitely the tool for the job.

logo of the French website

Initiation au morphing

7 février 2010

Par Bicus de Mac4Ever
en français

Explications détaillées étape par étape de la technique du morphing, avec des conseils avisés.

picture from the video about how to create a morphing animation by Mac4Ever

Verzerren... nicht nur mit Photoshop

Novembre - Décembre 2009

Par Doc Baumann
en allemand

Article about Morph Age in the German magazine Docma - Pages 66 and 67

Article about Morph Age in the German magazine Docma - Page 71

Rating by the Alaskan Apple User Group: Excellent

Morph Age 4.05

10 juillet 2009

Par Richard Geiger
en anglais

Morph Age is a great product that works as advertised. Creaceed did a great job writing a manual so that the software was easy to use.

logo of the German magazine MacUp

Überblenden von Bildern: Morph Age

Juillet-Août 2009

Par Karsten Rose
en allemand

Article about Morph Age in the German magazine MacUp