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Completely New
User Experience
The user interface has been finely crafted with retina-optimized visuals for a pleasurable user experience.
Universal app designed for devices with iOS 9 or higher.
Emulsio compensates horizontal, vertical and rotational camera motion, as well as rolling shutter distortion.
Input Options
You can import any videos (portrait and landscape orientations) from the photo album or any other compatible application. These videos must have been captured using an iOS device, another H.264 camera like a GoPro® or from a drone camera.
Export Options
You can export to your album and any compatible app/service like Facebook, Dropbox, etc.
Pro Pack
The Pro Pack is available through in-app purchase, which adds support for 4K videos, improved correction of rolling shutter distortion including third-party sensor calibration, and removes the watermark when exporting the stabilized video.
Live Comparison
Play both the original and stabilized videos simultaneously to assess stabilizer effect and settings. Every change is immediately reflected in the real-time comparison.
You can even inspect the video frame by frame.
Time Editing
Removing some part of the video is very easy with Emulsio. All editing is non-destructive and can be reverted.
Rolling Shutter Distortion
Rolling shutter distortion occurs when recording movies with rapid camera motion. Such videos typically get wobble artifacts that Emulsio can remove.
Black Border Handling
Emulsio momentarily decreases the stabilization strength to prevent black borders from happening.
Discontinuity Handling
Rapidly changing scenes and camera flashes typically create motion discontinuity, but these no longer affect the resulting stabilization.
Data Reporting
As a more advanced tool, this allows to review internal stabilization data such as the instantaneous displacement of video frame along X,Y axes, rotational compensation, rolling shutter distortion correction, etc. These are reported both as live figures and graphically in video overlay.
Adjustable Stabilization Strength & Profile
Stabilizer strength can be adjusted depending on the quality of original movie. You can further change internal stabilizer behavior by choosing stabilizer profile.
Optimized for latest iOS
Emulsio is available as an extension of the built-in Photos app.
You can stabilize videos, and use Emulsio’s features without leaving the Photos app.
for 120 and 240 FPS videos
Emulsio supports high-speed 120 and 240 FPS videos. Stabilization is performed at original video speed, and exported videos preserve the same frame rate, allowing slow-motion editing.
for 64-bit devices
64-bit architectures bring you an additional 35% processing speed, and matches desktop class performances for video editing for the first time on a mobile phone.
Image Processing
AVFoundation and OpenGL ES technologies have been used at their best. They guarantee image processing at maximum speed and quality on mobile devices.