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Emulsio 3.1.2 - January 9th 2020

  • Updated the crash reports framework.

Emulsio 3.1.1 - January 28th 2019

  • Fixed a crash that occurred while exporting videos (Save as New Video) on 32-bit devices.

Emulsio 3.1 - December 10th 2018

  • Updated for the new iPad Pro
    • Handling of new iPad Pro display sizes (11" and 12.9").
  • Other Enhancements
    • More reliable handling of input videos with corrupt metadata as well as videos made with third-party apps (like Filmic Pro).

Emulsio 3.0.3 - October 4th 2018

  • Updated for new iPhone sizes (including iPhone XS Max and more).

Emulsio 3.0.2 - August 16th 2018

  • Emulsio now preserves the file format (HEVC or H264) of the original video.

Emulsio 3.0.1 - June 20th 2018

  • Improved French localization.

Emulsio 3.0 - June 19th 2018

  • Emulsio 3.0 brings improved handling of 4K video assets, better rolling shutter distortion handling, and support for 3rd party sensors (drones, GoPro®, etc.). It also features an updated interface & improved support for modern iOS features:
    • More accurate stabilization for 4K videos shot on device or from a 3rd party camera. 4K videos typically are not stabilized, but Emulsio lets you process them anyway.
    • Rolling shutter distortion correction enhancement: amplitude of correction can be adjusted depending on sensor. Apple camera sensor values are provided, and 3rd camera sensors can be calibrated within the app. Emulsio can now be used to process videos from drones or GoPro cameras.
    • User interface has been refined to make stabilization settings easier to understand. Modern iOS features have been added or improved: Peek & Pop to preview videos from the import list (3D Touch on iPhone, long press on iPad), HEVC file handling (input / output), iPhone X, Drag & Drop and iPad multitasking.

    4K video handling and improved rolling shutter processing are available as part of Pro Pack 2. Users who previously purchased Pro Pack 1 get special upgrade pricing.

Emulsio 2.7 - November 3rd 2017

  • Updated to support iPhone X.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when stabilizing edited video from third-party apps.
  • Improved Photos extension.

Emulsio 2.6.2 - October 5th 2017

  • Bug fixes related to iOS 11.

Emulsio 2.6.1 - October 2nd 2017

  • Bug fixes related to iOS 11.

Emulsio 2.6 - September 19th 2017

  • Optimized for iOS 11.
  • Added support for iOS 11 Drag & Drop (import video files) for iPad.
  • Added support for HEVC (import and export) on compatible devices only.

Emulsio 2.5.8 - October 3rd 2016

  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes lead to black borders or misaligned contents when shooting with a third party camera.

Emulsio 2.5.7 - March 30th 2016

  • Optimized application icon for the iPad Pro.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Emulsio 2.5.6 - May 6th 2015

  • Handling of videos with incomplete tracks (that can happen when processing video files generated by other apps)
  • Support for videos stored in iCloud Photo library (video is downloaded and then processed)

Emulsio 2.5.5 - March 13th 2015

  • Polish localization update
  • Minor UI enhancements

Emulsio 2.5.4 - January 2nd 2015

  • Corrections and Enhancements: Better handling & deletion of temporary files to preserve free space on device.

Emulsio 2.5.3 - October 30th 2014

  • Corrections and Enhancements:
    • Fixed a bug when importing slow-mo video into Emulsio extension (black screen & extension crash).
    • Fixed a bug when saving video longer than 2 minutes (metadata too large, leading to crash).
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when exporting video into other apps.
  • Updated German and Norwegian localizations

Emulsio 2.5.2 - October 3rd 2014

  • Fixed a problem that would disable app localizations
  • Updated Italian localization

Emulsio 2.5.1 - September 25th 2014

  • Fixed a problem with In-App purchase of Pro Pack (& Restore Purchase)
  • Updated Japanese localization

Emulsio 2.5 - September 18th 2014

  • Emulsio is now fully optimized for iOS 8:
    • Support for iOS 8 Photos Extension: Emulsio video stabilizer processing is now directly available in iOS 8 built-in Photos app, as an extension. You can stabilize your videos right from your photo album.
    • iOS 8 Photo/Video Edits: Stabilized video is now stored as an edited version of the existing video (which can be reverted to original, if needed), for easier album management.
    • iOS 8 Video Metadata Preservation: Emulsio now saves processed metadata along with your video, meaning that you don't have to analyse the video again if you want to edit the stabilizer strength.
    • Import from iOS 8 Documents: Emulsio can now import video files from iOS 8 documents library (which can itself connect to most cloud services).
    • Export to iOS 8 Documents: Emulsio can now export to the documents library.
  • Removed the 30-second limitation when the Pro Pack hasn't been activated. You can now process videos of any duration (watermark remains though, and can be removed with In-App Purchase).
  • Removed the 15-minute limitation, which applied to videos even after activating the Pro Pack.

Emulsio 2.0.4 - July 16th 2014

  • Portuguese localization
  • Polish localization

Emulsio 2.0.3 - April 20th 2014

  • Bug Fixes and Enhancements:
    • Videos that were previously time-cropped are now available within Emulsio
    • Pro Pack price is now correctly displayed in user's currency (would sometimes fail under unusual configurations)

Emulsio 2.0.2 - March 26th 2014

  • Bug Fixes and Enhancements:
    • Fixed a bug that would prevent video picker from displaying videos
    • Fixed a crash that could happen when processing videos that were previously edited in another app
    • Minor user interface fixes

Emulsio 2.0.1 - March 11th 2014

  • Localized to German: Emulsio is now completely translated into German.
  • Improved video source handling:Emulsio now allows importing videos that have been copied through the Camera Connection Kit (or some other means), it is not restricted to camera roll anymore.
  • Improved processing of video captured with other devices (Android phones, GoPro®). In some situations, videos could be lacking metadata that would lead to black image (or translated image) in preview and export. Emulsio now reconstructs erroneous or missing metadata and correctly processes those videos.
  • Export failure correction: Emulsio will no longer fail when exporting a movie that has different duration for audio/video tracks. This was typically happening when processing a movie captured by another app, or imported from some other source.
  • Output video duration fix: Exporting a video over 30 sec (no Pro Pack) would trim it to 2 seconds. This no longer happens, the exported video will be trimmed to 30 seconds instead when Pro Pack is not active.
  • Other minor visual enhancements.

Emulsio 2.0 - February 27th 2014

  • General
    • Movie Stiller becomes Emulsio. Completely new version 2.0 with a new application icon.
    • New user interface. Emulsio provides a more direct and interactive access to stabilization tools and previewing within the app.
    • Emulsio is now free with an In-App Purchase to remove the 30-second limitation and watermark. Customers of version 1.x get these features for free.
    • iOS 7 Optimized: Emulsio is making use of new video capabilities (compositor) only available on iOS 7 to enable real-time previewing and fast video rendering.
    • Live Comparison: You can now play both the original and stabilized videos simultaneously to assess the stabilizer effect and settings. Every change is immediately taken into account and reflected in the live comparison.

  • Stabilization Improvements
    • Improved Stabilization for Videos: Emulsio now tackles wobble distortion and motion discontinuity. We've worked hard to make a smart stabilization method that is also fast.
    • Wobble Distortion: New stabilizer adds handling of rolling shutter distortion that occurs when recording movies with rapid motion of the camera. Such videos typically get wobble artifacts (oblique distortion) that Emulsio can remove.
    • Discontinuity Handling: Rapidly changing scenes and camera flashes typically create motion discontinuity, but these no longer affect the resulting stabilization.
    • Black Border Handling: Previous versions of Emulsio (known as Movie Stiller) would generate black borders when motion compensation was too high. Emulsio can now handle this situation by momentarily decreasing stabilization strength to prevent black borders from happening.

  • Optimized for iPhone 5s/iPad Air
    • Optimized for 64-bit devices: We've done the maths for you: Emulsio on iPhone 5s is twice as fast as on iPhone 5. We've also tested 32-bit vs. 64-bit on the same iPhone 5s: 64-bit brings you an additional 35% processing speed and matches desktop class performances for video editing for the first time on a mobile phone.
    • Handling of high-speed 120 FPS (frame-per-second) videos: Stabilization is performed at original video speed, and exported videos are still 120 FPS, allowing slow-motion editing (specifically for iPhone 5s).

  • Stabilizer Control
    • Stabilizer Data Reporting: As a more advanced tool, this allows to review internal stabilization data such as the instantaneous displacement of video frame along X,Y axes, rotational compensation, wobble correction, etc. These are reported both as live figures and graphically in video overlay.
    • Adjustable Stabilization Strength & Profile: Stabilizer strength can be adjusted depending on the quality of original movie. You can further change internal stabilizer behavior by choosing stabilizer profile. "Cinematic" profile allows smoother, motion-picture like camera motion, while "Vibration" focuses more on removing smaller camera shakes while preserving the original camera motion.
    • Frame by frame image inspection.

  • Video Editing & Export
    • Non-destructive Time Editing: Removing some part of the video is very easy with Emulsio, and you can always change your mind until final video export.
    • Export Options: Once editing is finished, you can export back to your album, social networks like Facebook, or any other app capable of handling videos.

Movie Stiller 1.1.5 - November 12th 2012

  • Updated Dutch localization

Movie Stiller 1.1.4 - October 2nd 2012

  • Updated for iOS 6
  • Updated for the iPhone 5's 4-inch display
  • Improved stabilization accuracy

Movie Stiller 1.1.3 - March 30th 2012

  • Updated for the new iPad (Retina visuals)

Movie Stiller 1.1.2 - December 14th 2011

  • Fixed: video picker problem
  • Italian Localization: User Interface

Movie Stiller 1.1.1 - October 25th 2011

  • Various bug fixes related to iOS5
  • Dutch Localization: User Interface

Movie Stiller 1.1 - April 2nd 2011

  • Now iPad 2 compatible (universal app)
  • Faster access to input videos
  • Various bug fixes

Movie Stiller 1.0.4 - March 3rd 2011

  • Workaround for a player crash when toggling On/Off

Movie Stiller 1.0.3 - January 28th 2011

  • Corrected black preview bug
  • Better compatibility with videos taken with 8mm app
  • Smoother previewing for HD videos
  • Improved German localization

Movie Stiller 1.0.2 - January 20th 2011

  • Fixed a crash when choosing a video when the library contains AVI files
  • Fixed panel autohiding bug

Movie Stiller 1.0.1 - January 17th 2011

  • German Localization: User Interface

Movie Stiller 1.0 - January 10th 2011

  • Stabilize Videos Recorded with an iPhone or iPod touch, and Export them to Album
  • Choice of Stabilization Strength and Image Scaling