• Can I use Emulsio with any iOS device?
    You need an iOS device with video recording capability running iOS 13 or higher.

  • What do you mean by “universal app”?
    When purchasing Emulsio, you can install and use it on any supported device. Let’s imagine you have an iPhone and an iPad, you can use Emulsio on both devices after purchasing it only once. You don’t need to purchase it twice - once for your iPhone and once for your iPad - like you have to do with many other apps.
    To make a long story short, by “universal app” we mean that a single application contains both versions (i.e. iPhone and iPad).

  • Do you plan to release Emulsio for other mobile phones?
    Creaceed is specialized in Mac and iOS development. We started over 12 years ago to work with all Mac-related technologies (Cocoa, Objective-C, OpenGL...), and we think they are great. So, we want to go on this way.

Stabilization Technique

  • What does Emulsio correct exactly?
    Emulsio compensates:
    • horizontal and vertical camera motion
    • rotational camera motion
    • as well as "rolling shutter" (wobble) distortion

    It also prevents black borders from happening by momentarily decreasing the stabilization strength (see Emulsio's Advanced Settings).

  • How can I update stabilization settings?
    Stabilizer strength can be adjusted depending on the quality of the original movie. Simply move the slider on the right side of the video editing window. The video preview is updated in real time.

    Besides, you can choose the stabilizer profile:
    • the "Cinematic" profile allows smoother, cinema-like camera motion
    • the "Vibration" profile focuses more on removing smaller camera shakes while preserving the original camera motion
    • the "Standard" profile is an intermediate profile between "Cinematic" and "Vibration".

  • Does Emulsio correct wobble?
    Yes, it does. Rolling shutter distortion occurs when recording movies with rapid camera motion. Such videos typically get wobble artifacts that Emulsio can remove. Make sure the related option (i.e. the "W" button) is activated in the video editing window.

  • What is discontinuity handling?
    Rapidly changing scenes and camera flashes typically create motion discontinuity. This phenomenon hindered stabilization in version 1. Emulsio is now able to detect and correct this (see Advanced Settings to activate the option).

  • What is the live comparison used for?
    It gives you the opportunity to compare the original video and the stabilized video. As a consequence, you can assess whether Emulsio did a good job at stabilizing the video, or if you need to fine-tune the settings. Every change is immediately reflected in real time. You can even inspect the video frame by frame.

  • Does Emulsio support Full HD content (1080p)?
    Yes, it does. And even 4K.

  • Does Emulsio support the 120 FPS videos I record with my iPhone?
    Yes, it does. Stabilization is performed at original video speed, and exported videos are still 120 FPS, allowing slow-motion editing.


  • What happens to the original movie? Is it replaced by the processed video in the album?
    You can now choose what best suits your needs. You can:
    • either save the changes right in the input video: choose "Save Video" in the export options;
    • or export a new stabilized video which will be saved next to the input video in the Photos app: choose "Save as New Video" in the export options.

  • When saving the processed video, is the HD resolution preserved?
    Yes, it is the same resolution as the input video. The output movie isn’t of lower quality.

  • Is the output video larger than the input one?
    No, they have the same pixel dimensions. Moreover, both videos have approximately the same file size (in bytes).

Pro Pack

  • What is the Pro Pack used for?
    The Pro Pack removes the watermark when exporting the stabilized video. It is available through in-app purchase. Customers who previously purchased Pro Pack 1 will get a discount when purchasing Pro Pack 2.


  • How can I get additional information about the tools available in Emulsio, while using Emulsio?
    Interactive help messages are available within the app. Tap the "Additional settings" button, and then the question mark button in the top left corner. Then, go back to the video editing window to browse through the yellow help messages.

  • Why can't I process videos I recorded with another app/another device?
    A video of very good image quality is mandatory for a powerful stabilization. Exporting from another app implies video encoding, and this could have a negative impact on image quality.
    Moreover, there are many video formats available for output from other applications and other recording devices. The technology Emulsio relies on, AV Foundation, doesn't support all formats.

  • I would like to stabilize only part of a video, but I don't know how to do this...
    There are several options available in the video timeline to do this. Tap the handle, and the timeline will turn yellow. You are now able to move the handles to select part of the video (see screenshot below):
    • choose "Delete" to delete the selected part
    • choose "Trim" to keep the selected part.

    If you are not happy with the selection, you can undo the cropping at any time. Simply tap the timeline, then tap "Revert all time editing", and you'll go back to the video you imported.

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