5 Better Ways To Customize Movies Beyond iMovie

April 8th 2011

By Jeffrey Mincey
in English

Elasty, the little Mac app that brings a few big-time effects to your movies and clips. (...)
Like iMovie, Elasty has built-in image stabilization but with more controls. (...)
If iMovie isn’t enough and Final Cut Studio is exactly too much, Elasty gives you more of what you’re probably looking for. (...)
Otherwise, Elasty easily does what iMovie cannot, but the two together can make your videos look unique when compared to your Mac-loving neighbor’s videos. logo

The MacReviewCast Episode #264: Tekkeon, GumDrop, Elasty

March 26th 2011

By Surfbits - Tim Verpoorten
in English

Click here to download the whole MacReviewCast Episode #264
The review of Elasty by Gazmaz starts at 27:20.
I have to say here, I was quite impressed with the outcome of the stabilization, and the clip was much easier and better to watch. (…)
The movie looks stable and great. (…) The clip was far more watchable than the original. (...)

Rating by the French magazine Vous et Votre Mac: 4 stars out of 5

Le mini After Effects de Creaceed

March 2011

By David A. Mary - Vous et Votre Mac nr. 65
in French

De l’insertion d’effets spéciaux à la stabilisation des séquences, Elasty ouvre de nombreux horizons aux vidéastes amateurs. (...)
La stabilisation d’un plan est très simple à mettre en œuvre. (...) C’est plutôt rapide pour un résultat de bonne facture. (...)
Points positifs: Stabilisation; indicateur de changement de plan pour le motion tracking; cadence de lecture asservie aux images-clés.

Elasty HD Review

February 13th 2011

By Sam Hayat
in English

What’s great with this program, that other programs like iMovie don’t have, is the simplicity of the program. When I open iMovie, I’m sometimes overwhelmed by all the buttons and menus one needs to go through to execute simple editing tasks. In Elasty, the app opens in a small window where all you have to do is drag and drop your movies.
After this, the interface of the application is self-explanatory, most of the things you’ll need are found in the inspector. (...)

Elasty HD (Mac 10.6 Special Effects and Motion Tracking software) Review

March 26th 2010

By William Cody Winter
in English

Elasty is a great special effects program, especially since it's pretty affordable unlike most programs that offer motion tracking. And the possibilities are almost endless with this program. (...)

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