Elasty 2.0.4 (Website Version only) - February 15th 2016

  • Fixed security vulnerability with auto-updating scheme (Sparkle).

Elasty 2.0.3 - July 24th 2012

  • Updated for Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • Mac OS X version required: 10.7.3 or later
  • Fixed incorrect effect offset when smooth border is ON
  • Fixed progress bar glitches when tracking probes
  • Code signed with Developer ID for improved security
  • Future proofing of document file format, preparation for sandbox

Elasty 2.0.2 - August 11th 2011

  • Updated for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
  • Fixed a problem where movie speed was lost when reopening a document

Elasty 2.0.1 - May 2nd 2011

  • Fixed a crop frame display bug
  • Now handles correctly videos with odd sizes

Elasty 2.0 - November 22nd 2010

  • Enhanced user experience
    • New menu commands
    • Refined user interface
    • Improved startup window
    • Crop frame coordinate editing for more accurate control
  • Stabilization enhancements
    • Manual stabilization mode based on user selected image features
    • Faster, GCD optimized automatic stabilization mode
  • Nearest and blended retiming modes in addition to the existing warp mode
  • Exported audio track length fixed
  • Output movie location can be chosen
  • Various other bug fixes and enhancements

Elasty HD 2.0ß3 - February 19th 2010

  • Fixed memory leak occurring when stabilizing
  • Improved stabilization accuracy

Elasty HD 2.0ß2 - February 3rd 2010

  • New feature: Movie Stabilization (translational and rotational motion compensation)
  • New feature: Movie Cropping
  • New feature: Movie Rotation (left-right-180°)
  • New feature: Mirroring (horizontal-vertical)
  • New feature: Cut Scene Handling through Scene Breaks
  • New feature: Core Animation Interactive Vizualization
  • New feature: Retiming (slow-motion and accelerated-motion)
  • New feature: Speed Editor Window for Retiming
  • New feature: Sound Track Export (including variable speed)
  • Improved: Motion Tracking Accuracy
  • Improved: Inspector
  • Improved: Color Matching
  • Improved: Effects Library
  • Improved: Timeline Redesign
  • Improved: Homography Distortion for image and movie effects
  • Additional Keyboard Shortcuts for common operations
  • New App Name and Icon
  • New Welcome Screen and User Interface
  • New Movie Examples
  • New User Guide

The former versions of Elasty were known as "Magnet".

Magnet 1.5.1

  • French Localization
  • Added Particle Size Feature

Magnet 1.5b3

  • Dropped movie after the main one has been set now creates the appropriate composition
  • Added QuickTime / CVPixelBuffer bug workaround (some movies appear as oblique stripes)

Magnet 1.5b2

  • Composition library: black composition template list with reflections
  • Scanning of Application Support directory
  • Assistant to add new compositions to the library (drop on the library)
  • Composition creation by dragging from the library
  • Auto rendering of entries (new compositions)
  • Undo manager for compositions
  • Close integration with Quartz Composer
  • Auto build of inspector for controlling compositions
  • Move to a more consistent tree view for compositions
  • Better movie handling (composition parameters)
  • Template compositions:
    • Light streaks
    • Lens flare
    • Blur update
    • Halftone
    • Color Effects
    • Gloom, other stylize effects
  • Present labels for index-typed input keys
  • Optimize probe update (section)
  • Filtering of tracked positions
  • Reorder compositions in outline (render order)
  • Composition tool OpenGL overlays (rectangles)
  • Preview mode (full window)
  • Reconfigurable GUI
  • Bi-directional tracking as an option
  • Refined timeline GUI
  • Add subtracking capability (separate translation, rotation, scale)
  • Linalg around frame transform
  • Various sheets for confirmation
  • Composition library overwrite existing files
  • New document choices
  • Fix rotation values out of 2PI
  • Quartz Composer inspector finish-up
  • Min/max values for controls for compositions
  • Thinner inspector
  • Update composition field names
  • Documentation update (v1.5)
  • Use oblique reflection effect for buttons in library
  • Use arrow keys to move compositions
  • Add many shortcuts for every day operations:
    • Keyframe navigation (command arrow)
    • Keyframe deletion (backspace)
    • Composition navigation (tab)
    • Composition deletion (backspace)
    • Render (command-r)
    • Track (command-t)
    • Mode change (command-1,2,3)
    • Play (space)
    • Add backspace delete for many things
  • Add formatters for generated QC GUI
  • Fix new compositions missing parameters
  • Fix H264 input movie problem
  • Bug fix: check last destroy composition causes a crash

Magnet 1.0.5

  • Leopard compatibility
  • Quicklook support
  • Optional self-contained documents (movie copy)

Magnet 1.0.1 through 1.0.4

  • Documentation update
  • Fixed register panel bug (OK button)
  • Fixed auto anchor bug when probes are at the same height
  • Fixed color space problem
  • Fixed garbage rendering
  • Fixed Render crash in some situations
  • Fixed frame rate bug in output movie

Magnet 1.0

  • Image, Particle parameters update

Magnet 0.9ß

  • First release

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