• Elasty keeps asking me to connect to the Internet in order to register. I checked my connection several times. What am I doing wrong?
    Internet connection is established when you first activate the application. This problem usually occurs when you type something wrong in the activation code (e.g. problem with the case, missing number or letter or an additional blank after the code). Try again to copy and paste your activation code because it is case sensitive.

  • Entering the activation code did not activate Elasty. I tried downloading a fresh copy, but this did not help. When I restart I get the message that Elasty is not registered.
    Please try again. As the activation code is case sensitive, it is usually better to copy/paste it. Please be careful not to enter leading or trailing spaces.

  • I've just registered Elasty. How can I remove the icon animation from the output movie rendered with the demo version?
    If you saved the project as an .elasty file, it will be very easy. All you have to do is open the project (all settings were saved) and render the movie again.
    However, if you only saved the output QuickTime movie (and not the .elasty file), you won't be able to remove the icon animation. You have to do the whole process again (input movie import, probe and effect insertion, motion tracking...).
    That's why we advise you to save all your projects to keep their settings saved.


  • What is the difference between the demo version and the registered version?
    You will see an animation with Elasty's icons on the movie rendered with the demo version.
    We don't want you to buy a pig in a poke. That's why the demo version enables you to try the application before actually buying it. Moreover, there's neither use limit nor time limit for trying the demo version.

  • Is Elasty compatible with Tiger (OS X 10.4) or Leopard (OS X 10.5)?
    No, it isn't. Elasty relies on some technologies only available in Snow Leopard (and higher OS X versions). It would be very difficult and time-consuming to develop exactly the same application compatible with Tiger or Leopard. And the output movies wouldn't be as good as they are now.

Tracking and Special Effects

  • Is it possible to add an effect only to a part of the loaded movie?
    Yes, it is. You have to add scene breaks in the inspector (Track Mode). Here is how it works:
    • You add a probe in the movie.
    • You add a scene break in the movie after the probe (in the timeline you will notice lines for scene breaks, and dots for probes)
    • When you play the movie, the probe is activated before the scene break and deactivated after the scene break.
    • You can reactivate the probe after the scene break by selecting the probe and putting it back where it should be.
    • By the way, you can delete a scene break if you want.

  • I want to change the special effect settings in the inspector but some values are not correctly saved. What can I do?
    When you type a value, make sure the decimal point is a point, not a comma. Otherwise, either you won't notice any difference after modifying the setting value, or the setting could even get deactivated.


  • What is the frame rate used in Elasty?
    You can set the frame rate at any value in the inspector.

  • Could you give more information about the speed editor?
    Showing a short example is the best way to explain how it works. Have a look at the screenshot below.

    First of all, we used 2 colors for pointing out a major difference:
    • Yellow circles: On these sections, the line is horizontal. It means that speed is constant.
    • Green circles: The line is upward or downward. It means that speed is changing.

    Now, we are going to describe all 5 sections.
    • 1: the white line is on the reference line. It means we didn't change the movie speed.
    • 2: the white line is above the reference line. So, this part of the output movie will be played faster than the input movie.
    • 3: the white line is going downward. It's a decrease in speed which is commonly called deceleration.
    • 4: the white line is below the reference line. So, this part of the output movie will be played at a slower pace than the input movie.
    • 5: the white line is going upward. It's an increase in speed or acceleration.

    Speed editor window showing how the video was retimed


  • I was told Creaceed released Elasty 2.x. Is there an upgrade price for Magnet 1.x users? Is it time limited?
    The upgrade to Elasty 2.x is free for all Magnet 1.x registered users.
    In February 2010, we sent a new activation code to registered users. Didn't you get yours? It might happen as some email addresses didn't work anymore, and some messages were blocked by firewalls. Ask for a code by sending your contact information (name, address, email...) to support at creaceed dot com.
    And this offer is not time limited.

  • What can I do if I can't find my license key?
    Write to support at creaceed dot com, and mention all your contact information (name, address, email...) so that we can quickly find your license key in our database.

Can't find your answer? Need Help?

    Write to
    . When you ask a question, please send the following information so that we can quickly help you:
    • Mac Model
    • OS X Version
    • Elasty Version
    • Input Movie Format and Resolution
    • Crash Report if you have one
    • Any Message about Elasty when you open

    We developed an application to retrieve relevant information and therefore help us investigate issues and bugs. Download the Diagnosis application, unzip the file, and open the app. Click "Show details" if you want to check which information will be sent (no personal information included). Click "Send" to email us the diagnosis report.

    Thank you!

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