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Mercurial Plug-in for Xcode

This Mercurial Plug-in for Xcode (hosted on Bitbucket) allows, as its name suggests, to perform common Source Code Management (SCM) operations on Mercurial repositories right from Xcode. The following SCM operations are available within Xcode:
  • Reporting status in project navigator
  • Diffing with Xcode native tool of any arbitrary versions
  • Committing files
  • Moving/renaming
  • Removing a file.

Why Mercurial?
Because Mercurial is a great distributed source code management tool, with a focus on progressive learning curve (easy command line), extensibility (plug-in API), and cross-platform (written in python). It's good to have choice, and to be able to use your tools together in an integrated way.

This project wouldn't have been possible without the work of hsivank on his git.py bridge xcode4-with-mercurial.

The plug-in requirements, installation instructions, and sources are available here (BSD-license).