What about developing an iOS application that actually rocks?

Do you want to develop an iOS application for your own company or for a client of yours? Great! The iPhone and the iPad are indeed wonderful devices. Along with iPod touches, there are over 600 million iOS users all over the world!

However, there are 1 million applications available on the App Store. You should definitely find some ways to attract potential users. And there are many to choose from: very low prices, online ads, various contests, Twitter promotions, YouTube movies,... But are they successful?

Maybe you should instead...
do something your competitors don't...
release an original and distinctive application...
opt for a still unused technology, rather than applying discounted prices...

That's what speech recognition has for you. And this technology is...
  • currently unavailable from Apple APIs
  • easy to add to your application
  • convenient for all types of apps: games, fun and promo applications or utilities
  • suitable for all iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad)
  • cheaper than you might expect.

MyShop'list by Auchan relies on CeedVocal SDK for the speech recognition technology

Nigella Lawson's application relies on CeedVocal SDK for the speech recognition technology
Nigella Quick
Bosch's shopping application relies on CeedVocal SDK for the speech recognition technology

Parkay Talking Tub® application relies on CeedVocal SDK for the speech recognition technology
Talking Tub®
The iPad application for Geo Magazine relies on CeedVocal SDK for the speech recognition technology
Geo Magazine

Thorough Evaluation and Purchasing

Would you like to evaluate CeedVocal SDK more thoroughly? And, if you are satisfied with the results, are you willing to buy a commercial license? Here is how to do it:
  1. You select the license type and the languages you are interested in from our pricing document.
  2. You write to
    to ask some questions, send your contact information, request additional technical details... Please fill in this form (mandatory), and attach it to your email.
  3. You sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement describing the whole procedure in detail, as well as the rights and obligations of both parties.
  4. You get a time-limited trial version of CeedVocal SDK and an example program.
  5. You add CeedVocal SDK to your iOS application, and you evaluate speech recognition accuracy.
  6. Aren't you satisfied with the results? It might happen. Let us know you don't want to go on. You don't have to buy the commercial license for CeedVocal SDK.
  7. Are the results accurate enough? Do you want to publish an application using CeedVocal SDK on the App Store? Just tell us you want to proceed, and pay the amount for the commercial license mentioned in the contract.
  8. You get the final license for CeedVocal SDK.

Thanks to CeedVocal SDK, PetTalk's puppy obeys your commands
Use voice commands for taking pictures (app relying on CeedVocal SDK)
Voice Camera Pro
Favourite chef recipes from ABC TV and Radio for iPads (app relying on CeedVocal SDK)
Shopping list application by Albert Heijn (app relying on CeedVocal SDK)
Over 50,000 recipes on your iPad (play videos with your voice)


  • The CeedVocal SDK License is provided to the final customer who actually submits the application to the App Store. When our direct customer is a consulting company or individual, a license has to be bought by each final customer.
  • The provided commercial license may not be resold to any other party.
  • The prices mentioned are taxes and costs excluded (if applicable).
  • Creaceed is not responsible if your iOS application is not as successful as expected.
  • Must be mentioned in the credits within the application: “Speech Recognition provided by Creaceed, based on Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition Engine Julius and Flite” with a link to the CeedVocal SDK - Acknowledgements webpage (where Julius and Flite credits are mentioned).

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