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Objective-C OpenGL Library

CeedGL is a library that encapsulates OpenGL objects into Objective-C objects. It does not attempt to force a coding style or to define a specific scene graph, but instead aims at making it easier to work with OpenGL from Objective-C.

Modern OpenGL (ES 2.0, Desktop 3.0) defines a number of "objects", that is, vertex buffers, textures, shaders, programs, frame buffers, etc. that are typically represented by handles (integers). CeedGL proposes to model all these and their relationships with each other as actual Objective-C objects and associated methods. This in turn makes it easier to store and manipulate GL data in your app structure.

CeedGL also defines the concept of "draw command" which ties together vertex buffers, textures, shaders to provide reusable drawing primitives. It also makes it easier to access uniforms and attributes in shaders.

Finally, CeedGL should complement GLKit nicely on iOS5+, although it is not required.

The library, requirements, steps for including the library in a project, and a code example are available on GitHub (BSD-license).