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Focus on Calligraphy
Carbo lets you capture and organize handwritten notes and sketches, bringing the whole calligraphy heritage into the digital era.
Innovative Pixel-less Capture/Rendering
No more pixels. An advanced image processing technology is used to clean up and prepare the picture.
Turns the drawing/picture into a highly accurate monochrome note preserving all expressiveness of the original image. It really shines on Retina displays.
Universal app designed for devices with iOS 10 or higher.
Optimized for latest iOS
Carbo supports Handoff across iPhones and iPads, as well as iCloud Drive and CloudKit.
Taking Pictures
Carbo relies on the same stabilizer and page detection technology as Prizmo; photo is shot only when camera gets steady.
Note Editing
Notes are fully editable.
Tap to select part of the note, and then resize it, move it, change line thickness, or erase it.
Tool-fingertip offset can be adjusted for more accurate editing.
Notes can be annotated with any descriptive text that is archived along with the image.
Organizing Notes with Tags
Notes are sorted chronologically.
They can be tagged, and these tags are colored for easier detection.
Smart Search
Filtering and searching by tags, or annotations will get you quickly to the note you are looking for.
Cloud Storage
Notes can be stored either locally on your device, or in the cloud: Evernote, Dropbox, or iCloud (with modern iOS 8's CloudKit backend).
Efficient Storage
Notes are stored very efficiently: a 8-MP photo-based note typically takes 300 or 400 KB.
High-fidelity Exports
1200 DPI Black and White high-fidelity exports for printing purposes.
Template-based Exports
7 beautifully handcrafted templates are available to customize notes: Blackboard, Blueprint, Letterpress, Paper, Pixels, Skitch, and Warhol.
Each with specific options like chalk, pen, stroke...
Sharing Options
Carbo supports the usual sharing services: Twitter, Facebook, AirDrop, Mail, Messages…