Do you collect things?

Collectarium can help.

Collectarium is an iPad application that helps you organize your collections. You can store any number of collections, including images and custom data, right on your iPad.

Having your collection available at your finger tips makes it very easy to go around and hunt for that missing item you've been looking for.

Flexible Structure

Collectarium lets you organize your collections at 3 different levels: Cards, Series, and Collections.

Cards represent individual items in your collection, with properties that you choose and a number of pictures. Series group related cards together, and each Collection gathers series together. This 3-level grouping can be used the way you want, in way that best suits your needs.

Export Lists

Using Collectarium, you can share your collection(s) and let your collector pals know what you're looking for.

And for those not using the app, you can still send PDF summaries that they can print, sync'ed with the current state of your collection.

Beautiful Photo Gallery

In Collectarium, you can use photo galleries that let you tag each collectible the way Facebook does for people. This makes your collection more visual and helps remembering those items easily. Each collectible can have any number of associated picture.

You take pictures using your iPad camera (or optionally by importing exisiting photos). And you can then tag those, which is handy if a single picture contains multiple collectibles.

Come on in, it's "Open"

Collectarium holds your collections in a documented, standard database file format (SQLite / XML / JPEG), so that your data remains yours at all time. We thought this would make sense over time, especially since encoding large collections can take a lot of time. This enables backup and export / import to any other workflow.

Documentation for Collectarium Database format can be found at this location on GitHub.

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